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Five CavaSpitz male puppies. Cute, playful and ready to go now!
Five CavaSpitz male puppies. Cute, playful and ready to go now!
Five CavaSpitz male puppies. Cute, playful and ready to go now!
Five CavaSpitz male puppies. Cute, playful and ready to go now!
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Five CavaSpitz male puppies. Cute, playful and ready to go now! Top

Registered Breeder Number: B001085767 NSW Companion Animal registry

A Cavaspitz is a boutique-breed which is gaining popularity in Australian homes as a compact, affectionate and low to moderate-level maintenance dog. They have the intelligence of their German Spitz (Mittel) forebears which makes them eager to learn and easy to train. They also maintain the loving and cuddly nature of the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

What is a German Spitz (Mittel)?
To save you on googling it (but of course research is encouraged), a German Spitz is known in the USA as an "American husky" they typically come in two sizes the Spitz-Klein (bigger like their husky relatives) and Spitz-Mittel (miniature - more like a pomeranian). Both Klein and Mittel spitz have a dense and often fluffty coat with a beautiful feathered tail that curves over their back. We like to call it a Scorpion-tail.

What is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
These guys are more common and chances are good that you've seen one around. They're characterised by their big gum-drop eyes, floppy ears and short, stocky stature. They're excellent companion animals with a nose for food and a craving for cuddles that is almost insatiable.

Who are the parents?
Mamma is Sophie the CavaSpitz. She is a dainty and loving girl with a scorpion tail and sable/white coat
Dad is Percy the Cavalier. He's a Tri-colour, petite companion

Why do I want a CavaSpitz?
You get the best of both worlds with a Cava-spitz. Both sides of their breeding heritage are visibly attractive dogs and the combination of both results in a dense-coated, big-eyed, loyal, affectionate and playful pup who above all will want to be your best friend. The longer legged build of the spitz improves their agility and makes longer walks easier, and their longer snouts means they breathe better.

As with all pedigree breeds, the gene-pool is limited only to other pedigree dogs of the same breed and some inherent issues have begun to appear in purebreds over the years as a result. A deliberate pairing of two separate breeds also ensures diversity of genetics.

All five puppies in this litter are male and have been lovingly raised in my home as though they are family members. They're gorgeously co-parented by Mum and Dad and enjoy their time wrestling with each other, exploring the apartment, having playfights with their stuffed toys, games of 'tug' (often on my shoelaces) and receiving loads and loads of cuddles. They are also regularly brushed and given a spot-bath with puppy wipes to keep their coats, paws and bits looking and smelling fresh. This will make it easier for you as their new parent when you brush their coat. They are expected to grow to a an approximate height (to shoulder) between 30cm and 40cm with a weight between 8-12kg (depending on the pup). Those that take after their Dad more will be heavier and shorter than the boys who are more like Mum.

All pups will go to their new homes
- vaccinated
- wormed
- vet checked
- micro-chipped
- flea-treated
- shampooed to smell gorgeous
- with breeders papers and information
- with a comfort toy (so their new world with you has something familiar in it)
- food samples to match their diet here with us.

It is imperative these guys go to their forever homes and match with your lifestyle and needs. Please be ready to discuss your current situation, hobbies, interests and lifestyle so I can recommend the most suited pup to you, or confirm whether the pup whose photo you like the most likely to be a good fit for you.

Remember a pup will grow into a dog in the end and their expenses don't stop with the purchase price. I recommend that potential owners do their own research into the costs of maintaining their new family member including vet fees, pet insurance, food, treats, training, grooming and maybe even dog-sitting fees just as a start.

Love a Cavaspitz as they love you and you will never be alone or lonely.

Puppies can be shipped if required, buyer to arrange collection from breeder.

Dogs have access to: warm bedding, water at all times, ample space to exercise, natural light

Dogs have enrichment provisions: Yes

Dogs are exposed to: people with different appearances or ages, different sounds

Offers lifetime rehoming: Yes

Ella Caulfield

Ella Caulfield

Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia
**** *** 5155

Safety Tips For New Owners

  1. Always meet in person
  2. Check all documents before you commit
  3. Ask if they are a registered breeder
  4. Be loyal & patient with your new companion

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