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How To Stop Your Dog From Hoarding Food And Toys

Price : $45.00
Type : For Sale
Date : September 7, 2018
Location : Chatswood

If you share your home with a canine companion and they have developed a habit of hiding and hoarding their food, it can be amusing to watch them get up to their antics – at first that is. The trouble is that when a dog starts doing this, it can lead to them standing guard over their food and any toys that might be lying around the house. It could lead to fights between two dogs that normally get on well together too.

Some dogs are serious hoarders even though they are regularly fed a nourishing diet on a daily basis. The reason for their behaviour can be put down to a trait that’s deeply ingrained in their natures. In short, what is a completely natural behaviour does not sit well with the fact they live in a home environment. In the wild, a dog’s ancestors would have hidden any extra food they’d found which would guarantee they had something to eat at a later date when prey was harder to find.