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Raised by Caroline Rolls

Welcome to Finesse Golden Retrievers. 🐾🐾 We have a litter planned for March 2024. We are located in the Hunter Valley area of NSW. Firstly I must point out that we love our dogs they are our pets, they spend time inside our home with us and sleep beside our beds, they have free range of our yard and do not live in runs or kennels.
We have been given a “RightPaw“ Responsible Outstanding Breeder Badge
Every breeder on RightPaw has agreed to our vet-approved Code of Ethics. In addition, Finesse Golden Retrievers have passed an exclusive audit and been recognised as meeting outstanding standards.
Finesse was last audited on 27 Mar 23.
We use Puppy Culture and B A Breeders proven training methods & curriculums to raise our Golden puppies & which helps them become confident, well-adjusted dogs . The programs we use are designed to: - Provide ENS & ESI from day 3 to 16 & later on early foundation work.
BREEDING DOGS (PARENTS): All of our potential breeding dogs are DNA tested; hip and elbow scored; have eye certificates and are regularly vet checked. PUPPIES: Puppies are monitored & weighed regularly to make sure that they are developing and growing within the normal healthy range and are raised in a home environment with lots of love and care.
Finesse Golden Retrievers are based in the Hunter Valley, NSW around 2-hours north-west drive from Sydney. We are situated on a one acre property, with a big backyard for all the dogs and puppies to play, which has been securely fenced off.
Included with your puppy pack as part of your purchase of puppy: - Viewing of Parents Pedigree ( copies on request) - Viewing of parent health testing (Copies on request) - 8 weeks free pet insurance. - Royal Canin puppy food. - Toys - Comfort blanket with mum's and litter's scent - $100 Rebate for completing desexing at between 12-18 months & $100 Rebate for puppy pre school .
I have always had a strong love of dogs since I was a toddler, possibly because my parents owned a farm with a number of working dogs and also pets of various sizes and breeds ! If i wasn't to be found playing around the house my parents would often find me curled up in a kennel with one of my furry companions…
I have almost 20-years breeding experience and use that experience along with new methods I have sought out ( being Puppy Culture & Badass breeder curriculum ) to bring about the best breeding & puppy raising program for Goldens as possible. We Health test our dogs prior to breeding, Hip & Elbow, DNA test to make sure our breeding dogs won’t pass on certain hereditary issues to their puppies.
We are Rightpaw verified and awarded the outstanding breeder badge through them.
State registration
MDBA 18253.
Prefix Finesse.

About Finesse Golden Retrievers
Hello, welcome to Finesse Golden Retrievers. 🐾🐾 We have a litter planned for March 2024. We are located in the Hunter Valley area .
We love our dogs very much, our older girls that have been with us for years have been retired & desexed but continue their usual life as our pets. All our dogs are vet checked and must be successfully health tested before we consider breeding with them , they have excellent temperaments, quality lines behind them with international champions & pedigrees to show, they are very affectionate and gentle dogs that love nothing more than cuddles, playing fetch and laying next to us when relaxing... Goldens are one of the best breeds for families you can find being great companions, gentle, affectionate & fun loving. We are a registered breeders & have years of breeding experience, including other breeds in the past. We have pedigrees and health testing going back generations for most of our dogs and we are happy for you to view paperwork or provide copies with your new puppy if required . We only keep a handful of dogs so they can still enjoy the lifestyle of being our pets, spending time playing free in the yard & relaxing in the home with us in the family area or sleeping by our beds etc… we have no need for multiple outdoor enclosures/kennels & run setups to house large numbers of dogs. We have an approved therapy dog for volunteer work in hospitals, age care homes etc, this shows the great temperaments we continually strive to produce and occasionally, we may have a puppy that has the potential to be suitable (with further training) for a role as an Emotional Support or Therapy dog etc, please enquire if this is something that your family and home would benefit from. Our breeding program aims to focus on rigorous health testing, exceptional temperaments, diverse pedigree lines that include international champions. We raise our puppies in our home with lots of love, handling, experiences and training techniques. These are methods from BAB & Puppy Culture curriculums, ENS & ESI so they become well-adjusted, confident & people orientated dogs willing to please, that may suit a variety of roles for therapy, obedience etc etc. We believe that training and socialisation is a very important part of owning a dog and strongly encourage puppy buyers to continue to engage in gentle training methods with their dog as much as they can to ensure they do not develop any bad habits or behaviours. Sadly too many dogs are thrown into the too hard basket and some end up in pounds and are put to sleep though no fault of their own usually just a lack of socialisation and training from their owners either because the owner didn't have time or didn't realise how important it is or maybe couldn't be bothered. It is critical you find the time for this especially in the early stages, it builds confidence, strong bonds & trust, helps you & your dog understand each other, please take this on board and you will be rewarded with a well behaved companion that you will be proud to own. We do not sell puppies to anyone, we screen for the best homes & and we take care in trying to match puppies temperament with the right type of family as this is very important to have a compatible companion and so if you are placed onto our wait list and you are patient we can usually find the best puppy for you and your families lifestyle within a couple of litters of so. On the rare occasion we may consider selling to other registered, ethical breeders. Golden Retrievers are affectionate and loyal companions. They make perfect family pets and are usually very gentle with children but in saying that it is always advised to supervise interactions and let the puppy/ dog sleep when required without being disturbed. Keep in mind that Golden Retrievers are suited to active people who have time to take their dog out for walks/play sessions, training and socialising with them. Goldens aren't suitable to be kept in the backyard all alone for hours on end they need love and attention, companionship, exercise, training and of course. Grooming is another important aspect with Goldens - expect to be grooming them at least once a week if you dont want too many little dog hair tumble weeds around your home ! Finesse is a boutique breeder, meaning we breed on occasion and for serious dog loving families/owners. We carefully screen our buyers and only put puppies with owners that have experience or can show they can look after a Golden Retriever. You can also find our puppy application on RightPaw.

Upcoming Litters

  Name Breed Birthdate Due Date  
Finesse Golden Retriever 01/31/24 2024/03

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Breeding Practices


We expose our puppies to different environments, people, and other animals to help them become well-adjusted adults. Our structured socialisation program helps inculcate confidence and good behaviour in our puppies, ensuring they grow to be sociable, friendly, and adaptable dogs.


Our fishes have a stimulating environment with plants, rocks, or driftwood to encourage natural behaviours. We offer them a varied diet that mimics the natural diet of the species to improve their health and vitality.

Ethical Environment

Our breeding program is rooted in ethical practices that prioritise the welfare of our dogs. We maintain a clean, safe, and loving environment for our dogs to live, play, and grow, and our animals have warm bedding, fresh water, ample space to exercise, and natural lighting.

Lifetime Rehoming

If at any point you are unable to continue caring for your dog, we provide a lifetime rehoming guarantee. We will take the necessary steps to ensure that your dog is placed in a loving and responsible new home that aligns with our ethical breeding principles.

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Safety Tips For New Owners

  1. Always meet in person
  2. Check all documents before you commit
  3. Ask if they are a registered breeder
  4. Be loyal & patient with your new companion

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