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Hungarian Vizsla

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Also known as the Magyar Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer, these dogs are loved for their attractive looks and athletic prowess.

The Hungarian Vizslas make excellent working dogs. This explains why they are used for many activities such as hunting, tracking and retrieving.


Hungarian Vizsla

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Also known as the Magyar Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer, these dogs are loved for their attractive looks and athletic prowess.

The Hungarian Vizslas make excellent working dogs. This explains why they are used for many activities such as hunting, tracking and retrieving.

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Hungarian Vizsla – Calliope

Lola's first beautiful litter of Hungarian Vizsla puppies have arrived and we are sourcing loving and safe forever homes. We have 5 x pups remaining (2 x female, 3 x male) and they will be ready to go to their new family at 8-9 weeks from the 10th of April 2024. We are a small family who love Vizsla's. Our puppies are family and pet socialised being brought up with other dogs (big and small) and our 3 children who cherish them. Vizsla's are fantastic family dogs, very smart and loyal to their family. We would like to see our puppies go to suitable and loving homes where they will have lots of love and attention and would expect potential buyers to complete an application process. Puppies will been wormed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked. Member of the the Queensland Dog Breeder register, supply number: BIN0014665867354 RPBA: 15837 Message or email to arrange a viewing and pricing or we can FaceTime if you are interstate and assistance with transport can be arranged. Please note: For those interstate, I will be transporting several pups to Brisbane for air freight interstate in the next fortnight. Louisa 0447556657

Louisa Philp

Hungarian Vizsla – Benalla

Female Vizsla puppies available for loving, forever homes. Healthy, happy, well grown puppies on vet recommendation diet and worming program. Will be vaccinated (first), vet checked and microchipped on pick up and come with puppy pack. Parents available to view on our farm in the beautiful North East of Victoria. Puppies have been well socialised and are confident and cruisey. Parents have no health or behavoural issues, and live an inside/outside lifestyle. Father is a good hunting dog.

Sally Mitchell

Hungarian Vizsla – Dederang

Hungarian Vizsla x Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Puppy. $1500 ONO 1 boy pup 10 weeks old on the 6th Feb First vaccination, wormed and micro chipped. Looking for there forever homes. Please contact me on 0466990862. Cheers Dave

David Roberts

Hungarian Vizsla – Bridport

Pups born 21 - 11 - 23. The parents are registered purebred Vizslas and the pups will be able to be registered. The pups are very well socialised with other dogs and are vet checked, wormed, microchipped and have had their first vaccination. There are 6 males and 1 female available. We are happy to deliver them to Launceston airport if they need to be freighted interstate. These are dogs which will take as much or as little exercise as you want to give them. They are happy to go for a 10 km run but are equally happy pottering around in the garden with you. They do need a lot of interaction with their owners, so wouldn't be a great match for a couple who are out at work all week. They would be ideal for those who are retired or semi-retired or for anyone who works from home, including farmers. The photo of the adult dog is of the puppies' mother.

Jeanette Fisher

Purebred Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Puppies

Welcome to COPPERWIREY Kennels, Victorian based breeders of Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas. Our dam Copper has impeccable blood lines originating in France and Hungary. Copper has an exceptionally lovely nature and has been paired with a sire who shares these attributes. Both parents hip and elbow scores are high, and they have been health and DNA tested, and are clear of all hereditary diseases including HUU. COPPERWIREY is a small scale kennels, and our dogs are raised on a rural style property with lots of room to run, swim and play. Our pups are brought up in a loving environment with lots of exposure to adults, children, household noises and other pets. They are comfortable, confident and ready to fit into a loving forever home, whether it be for hunting, the show ring or as a fantastic family pet. Aptitude (personality) tests are carried out on each COPPERWIREY pup at seven weeks of age, to ensure that they are matched with compatible families or individuals. This process allows both us as breeders, and the potential puppy owners to be certain the pups are homed appropriately. At COPPERWIREY, a strong emphasis is placed on exposing pups to various stimuli during critical periods in their development, in order to create a sense of resilience and confidence in each pup. We are pleased to announce that our beautiful dam Copper has recently given birth to her second litter of 10 healthy puppies, born on the 13th of October 2023. These puppies will be available for rehoming in early-mid December. Expressions of interest would be appreciated promptly so we can add to our growing list of potential owners, and ensure that each puppy is carefully matched with the appropriate family or individual. Please contact Ruth at or on 0430 782 215 or Ben at for more information regarding our rehoming process, and to express your interest regarding the introduction of a gorgeous HWV puppy to your home. Dogs Victoria member number: 3100055399


Hungarian Vizsla X Maremma sheepdog puppies

Introducing the first generation Vizslamare, we have 6 gorgeous puppies for sale, 5 girls and 1 boy born 4th August 2023 and now starting to see each of their personalities. Mother is a beautiful natured purebred Hungarian Vizsla and father a very handsome livestock guardian purebred Maremma sheepdog. Both parents are DNA tested and free from any tested genetic problems. They are played with and treated like part of the family from birth, wormed every 2 weeks, they are highly social, started some basic command training and so smart most of them are toilet trained already at only 4 weeks old! From September 28th the puppies will be 8-10 weeks old & ready for their new homes, they will be microchipped, vaccinated, heath checked and each come with their own puppy pack. I am very eager to find new owners that are the perfect fit for each of them and that the puppies will love too! Please see attached info on the breeds and price is negotiable. Mum & puppies are available for viewing & inspecting. Please contact me by sms text message or email if interested Breeder identification number:B000967424 Billies microchip: 953010002017116 Please see my instagram @gemmarennix for puppy videos

Gemma Rennix

Beautiful 7 month old Hungarian Vizsla Female

  Maggie is only 7 months old and is an absolutely gorgeous young dog who is full of life. Unfortunately our family situation has changed and we can no longer keep her.   We are looking for a lovely home for her. Although we haven’t had a lot of time to train her she is a fast learner. She walks ok on the lead (still needs improvement ) and is great off the lead on long walks and returns when her name is called. She would suit an active family with older children or a single or couple who have time to put into her and want an active dog. She is full of energy and will take some time before she outgrows being a puppy. She really is a beautiful dog with a lovely temperament and just loves people!   Paid $2500 for her and had her flown from Brisbane. She is a pure breed and her father is actually from Hungary and is much closer to the original Hungarian Viszla breed than many others you will come across.   She is ready for her new home immediately but we’re only willing to give her to the right people. She is not yet desexed as it’s best to wait until 12 months but is fully vaccinated.   We are based in Orange in NSW, 3.5 hours west of Sydney. Sorry the photos aren’t as up to date as they could be.

Ophelia Heffernan

Purebred Hungarian Vizsla -Victoria

1 male and 4 females remain and looking for a home from 10th May 2023. Mum and Dad can both be viewed. Microchipped, vet checked and vaxxed. Beautiful natured pups

Kirsty Baker

Purebred Hungarian Vizsla puppies

Adorable Hungarian Vizsla puppies for sale 3 girls 2 boys Microchipped, vaccinated, Vet checked and wormed are ready to go to their forever homes, waiting for special love to give to their new owners. Well behaved full of life and energy.

Kornelia Olasz-Toth

Purebred Hungarian Vizsla puppies

Breeder of Hungarian Vizsla since 1996. We have a litter born now with Males and Females available to forever homes late December 2022/2023 Breeding is my passion and my vizsla are more the a dog they are family. All puppies are registered with ANKC DogsSA, limited pedigree : meaning not for showing and breeding to be desexed in SA. If you are wanting Main Pedigree please contact me about changing to Main pedigree. All puppies are microchipped, first vaccination C3, vet checked,  wormed every 2 weeks, come with an information pack emailed socialized with people and other dogs. We transport all over Australia and deliver to Adelaide Airport A lifetime and beyond support with your puppy Please direct your enquires to .... or phone ..0417-959-264  and leave a message I will reply.  

Dianne Harrison

Wanted Hungarian Vizsla puppy

Hi All We are a loving family of 6 from Box Hill Sydney who are interested in adding a Hungarian Vizsla pup to our family. We have a fully fenced 6ft yard and have a dog park close by. She would sleep inside and be fed whatever you recommend such as raw meat, bones etc We are also interested in puppy training school Could you please advise when your next litter will be and also how much please Kind regards Matt

Matthew Nicholson

Breed Characteristics


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Size Range

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The Ultimate Hungarian Vizsla Guide

About Hungarian Vizsla

Also known as the Magyar Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer, these dogs are loved for their attractive looks and athletic prowess. The Hungarian Vizslas make excellent working dogs.

This explains why they are used for many activities such as hunting, tracking and retrieving.



12 to 15 years



Males: 20 - 30 kg Females: 18 - 25 kg



53 - 64 cm



Vizslas are a low to moderate shedder so they only require weekly brushing to keep them free from loose hair.


The precise origin of the Hungarian Vizsla is mired in controversy. Some claim that the Vizsla existed centuries ago. Others believe that the breed came about in the 20th century.

Originally kept by the nomadic Magyar hunters, Vizslas were useful in tracking and driving birds and other game into nets. As they made very good hunters, they became a favourite of warlords and barons.

When firearms came into the scene, the Hungarian Vizsla transformed into a dog that was fast yet stealthy enough to avoid spooking prey unnecessarily. Other attributes that made the Vizsla so good at hunting are its keen sense of smell, sharp eyesight and retrieving capability.

Many canine historians claim that the Vizsla is closely related to the Turkish Yellow Dog and the Transylvanian Hound. Authorities generally believe that this breed predates its German cousin- the Weimaraner.

But, there are those who argue that the Magyar Vizsla results from cross breeding Weimaraners and assorted pointer breeds.

Key Characteristics Of Hungarian Vizslas

Are Hungarian Vizslas Family-Friendly?

Yes, they are. As a result of their relentless energy, they do better in families with older kids and teens.

Common Health Issues & Considerations

Hungarian Vizslas may suffer from:

Hip dysplasia.

Canine epilepsy.


Nature / Temperament

The Hungarian Vizslas are active, agile and very light on their feet.

They have a somewhat independent spirit and are also highly trainable.

If they are not handled by a strong and assertive figure, they tend to become stubborn.

They are very affectionate, loyal dogs and are referred to as “Velcro Dogs” as they enjoy constant company.

Suitable Environment

This dog is best suited for country-living. At the least, there should be an average-sized fenced yard.

Other Considerations

  • Hungarian Vizslas need a great deal of interaction with their owners.
  • They are chewers so you can get your Vizslas different chew toys to keep them engaged.
  • These dogs thrive in homes that have fenced yards. This way, they can run and play around without straying.
  • They relate well with other dogs as well as cats.
  • They make good watchdogs, and they don’t bark excessively.

How can I take good care of my Hungarian Vizsla?


Hungarian Vizslas feed on high-quality dog food containing animal-based proteins. As such, you should go for dog foods that list proteins as the first ingredient.

Avoid giving them dog food that lists grains and corn as the first ingredients. These products can cause them to suffer from hyperthyroidism.


Grooming your Hungarian Vizsla on a weekly basis is recommended. Use a soft natural-bristle brush to keep their coat looking shiny. Depending on your assessment, you can also use a dry dog shampoo to freshen their coat.

Overall, Hungarian Pointers are a clean dog with little to no smell.


Exercise, exercise and more exercise is the secret to a happy and healthy relationship with your Hungarian Vizsla. Engage them in 2 ½ hour workouts in the form of walks, games of fetch among other canine sports.


Hungarian Vizslas are relatively easy to train. But a few of them can be stubborn. Owners should start training their Vizsla puppies early to develop good results.

During training, try to be patient, consistent and never harsh. This breed responds well to positive reinforcement such as praise and treats. Personal socialisation also needs to be a part of his training regimen.

Most Asked Hungarian Vizsla Questions

Yes, in fact most of them are purely bred for endurance. But only take your Vizslas for long runs if they are fully developed and you’ve trained them into it. Otherwise, stick to short-distance runs.

Hungarian Vizslas for sale cost between $1000 and $2000 approximately. Keep in mind that this dog breed is ideal for people already living an active lifestyle.

Yes minimal, they have short hair. So, they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Brushing your Vizsla on a weekly basis is enough.

If you’ve seen a Vizsla running around your neighbour’s yard all day long, you might wonder whether he’s equally this active indoors. After having had enough exercise, all they’re likely to do is sleep for the remaining part of the day.

Vizslas are affectionate dogs so they’ll want to stay right next to their owner. You might also find them cuddling on your couch, under the blankets or in bed.







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