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Mini Schnauzer For Sale


If you are looking for a dog that is full of life, the Mini Schnauzer will not disappoint. It is an energetic and typically extroverted purebred that enjoys being the centre of attention. Affectionate and loyal, it loves nothing more than to always be around its human and part of the family action.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mini Schnauzer For Sales

Originally developed to be a ratter and all-around farm dog, the Mini Schnauzer is robust, tough, and fearless but never aggressive. While it looks exactly like the Giant and Standard Schnauzers, but only smaller, it is a distinct breed of its own.

This canine is bred all around the world and has always been in the top 20 list of favourite breeds in Germany, the United States, and England.

Mini Schnauzer Origins

The first known Mini Schnauzer was Findel, a black dog born in October 1888. While there are no records of how this canine was developed, it is believed that the purpose was to create a smaller version of the Standard Schnauzer.

In 1924, four Mini Schnauzers made their way to the United States. Two years later, the breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club.


Key Characteristics of Mini Schnauzer For Sales

Are Mini Schnauzers family-friendly? Yes, they are. Because they are smart, fun, and affectionate, Mini Schnauzers make wonderful pets for active families. They are good with kids and other dogs.
Daily exercise needs? The Mini Schnauzer is a moderately energetic breed, so it is recommended that you give it at least 45 minutes of exercise per day.
Common health issues & considerations While generally healthy, this purebred is still susceptible to certain health defects such as the following:

  • Myotonia congenita
  • Entropion
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Cataracts
  • Urinary stones
  • Congenital megaesophagus
Lifespan 12 to 14 years
Nature / Temperament Intelligent, friendly, obedient, alert, and fearless
Size Weight

Five to nine kilograms


30 to 36 cm tall at the shoulder

Suitable Environment  The Mini Schnauzer can easily adapt to any environment, whether the city or country. Because of its small size, it will do well in an apartment. Because of its energy, it will also do well in a large home or acres of farmland.
Grooming This purebred needs to be clipped every five to eight weeks to keep it looking its best.

Other Considerations:

  • Because it is fearless, the Mini Schnauzer may sometimes provoke a larger dog. The problem with this is, this breed is small and unaware of its size, which can get it into trouble.
  • This dog is protective of its family, making it an excellent watchdog. But while it will alert you of strangers or visitors, its bark can be a bit piercing.
  • Despite its small size, this canine is not delicate like a toy breed.

Average cost of a Mini Schnauzer For Sale

Mini Schnauzer For Sales typicaly range between $3500 and $4800AUD.

How can I take care of my Mini Schnauzer For Sale?


The Mini Schnauzer should do fine on high-quality dog food, whether prepared at home or manufactured commercially. The recommended daily amount is ½ to 1 cup of dry food, divided into two meals. It is suggested to make clean, fresh water available at all times.

Like many other breeds, this dog tends to gain weight quickly when improperly fed. It is advised to carefully watch your canine’s daily calorie consumption and weight level. Treats may be given during training but in moderate amounts.


This purebred’s coat grows quite fast, so clipping is recommended every five to eight weeks. Otherwise, your dog will have a shaggy look. To remove knots, brush its hair twice or thrice a week.

The usual cut for this canine is short on the head and body, and longer on the muzzle, belly, and feet. Some Mini Schnauzer owners find this look difficult to perfect on their own, so they take their pet to a professional groomer.

When grooming your dog, it is suggested to always check for signs of infection and inflammation such as redness, sores, and rashes.

Recommended Grooming Tips:

  • Brush your dog’s teeth twice or thrice a week to avoid tartar buildup and remove bacteria. Daily brushing is suggested for bad breath and gum disease prevention.
  • Examine your canine’s ears weekly for odour or redness, as these are signs of a possible infection. Wipe clean its outer ears using a cotton ball dampened with a pH-balanced ear cleaner.
  • It is advised to trim your Mini Schnauzer’s nails once or twice a month. Avoid cutting its nails too short as this may cause bleeding.


Your canine is a Terrier, which means it is active by nature. Because of this, it needs daily exercise to maintain its physical and mental health.

When inside your apartment or house, let it follow you around or play with toys. If you have a fenced yard, let it run around or chase balls. If you don’t have a yard, a long walk in the park every day is sufficient.


Teaching a Mini Schnauzer tricks and commands is easy because it is intelligent, eager to please, and obedient. It is recommended, however, to keep the training sessions fun and interesting as this dog can sometimes be a bit stubborn and get bored with repetition.

What’s great about this purebred is it excels in many canine sports, including obedience, rally, agility, Earthdog events, and anything else that involves it jumping on its legs.

This is basic information, and it should not be used to make adoption or purchasing decisions. Be sure to consult an expert if you’d like to learn about the breed’s care and requirements.

This is general information and should not be relied on for adopting or purchasing advice.

Most Asked Mini Schnauzer For Sale Questions

What does a Mini Schnauzer look like?

The Mini Schnauzer has a squarish head, bushy beard, boxy body, and ears that naturally fold to the sides of its face. It has a double-coated and wiry coat that comes in a variety of colours such as salt and pepper, black, white, and back and silver.

Does a Mini Schnauzer shed a lot?

The undercoat of the Mini Schnauzer catches loose hair, which makes this dog a low-shedder.

What’s the price of a Mini Schnauzer for sale?

If you want to bring home a happy and healthy dog, it is recommended to never buy from a puppy mill, pet store, or backyard breeder. Always adopt from a responsible breeder to make sure your canine has a sound temperament and is free of genetic diseases.

A Mini Schnauzer for sale typically costs between AUD $5,000 and $8,000.

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