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The greyhound is a combination of athleticism, speed and energy. Capable of reaching a staggering 60 kms per hour, it’s almost impossible to beat this dog at a game of tag.

Overall, greyhounds are sensitive, eager to please, a bit timid and they love to cuddle on the couch.

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The Ultimate Guide to Greyhounds

Key Characteristics Of Greyhounds
How Can I Take Good Care Of A Greyhound Puppy?
Most Asked Greyhound Questions
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The greyhound is a combination of athleticism, speed and energy. Capable of reaching a staggering 60 kms per hour, it’s almost impossible to beat this dog at a game of tag.

Overall, greyhounds are sensitive, eager to please, a bit timid and they love to cuddle on the couch.


Greyhound Origins

The Greyhound is a breed classified as part of the sighthound family of dogs. Other breeds belonging to this category include the Whippet, Borzoi and Irish Wolfhound.

Unlike other dogs that hunt by scent, sighthounds hunt by sight. In fact, greyhounds can identify a small prey up to 1000 meters away.

Greyhounds have a long history, which can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptian times. The first evidence of this breed was discovered in Egyptian tombs dating to 2900 B.C., well over 4,000 years ago.

In the following centuries, both the Greeks and Romans viewed the greyhound as a prized possession. This was primarily because of it’s hunting prowess and speed.

These dogs also became popular among the English nobility. So popular that in 1016, England prohibited commoners from hunting with Greyhounds. This meant that greyhounds were strictly reserved for royalty.

The Greyhound’s popularity continued to increase in England parallel to the growing popularity of coursing. Coursing is a canine sport that involved chasing prey. Greyhounds were the most preferred breeds for this sport because of their speed.

Up until recently, greyhounds were mainly bred for racing and lure coursing. Most retired racing greyhounds are then adopted as family pets.


Key Characteristics of Greyhounds

Are Greyhounds Family-Friendly?Yes, these dogs are generally very friendly, calm and loving.

They do best in tranquil environments.
Daily Exercise Needs?
A 20 minute walk one or two times per day.
Common Health Issues & ConsiderationsThey’re prone to a few health conditions such as:
● Anaesthesia sensitivity- they’re allergic to anaesthesia and several other drugs.
● Hypothyroidism- caused by low levels of the hormone produced in the thyroid glands.
● Bloat- it’s caused by a sudden influx of gas in their tummies.
Lifespan10 to 13 years
Nature & Temperament
Often compared to cats because of their quiet and laid-back nature.

Despite their athletic capability, these dogs prefer to sleep most of the time.
Male: 27 - 40 kg
Female: 26 - 34 kg

Suitable EnvironmentAdapt well to living in townhouses and homes that have yards.

However, they do need a solid fence to keep them from chasing animals which they might regard as prey.
GroomingGreyhounds shed lightly so their coats need minimal grooming.

Other considerations:

Greyhounds have a strong instinct to chase smaller animals. But with enough training and socialisation, they can get on well with other pets.

● They have very thin coats so it’s a good idea to buy the warm coats during the cold season. They are best kept inside for sleeping.

● Although they’re popular because of their agility and speed, greyhounds are pretty gentle. They are also some of the best nappers, sleeping for up to 20 hours a day.

● Their coat can vary in many colours including grey, white, fawn, black and red.


How can I take good care of my Greyhound or Greyhound Puppy?


Your greyhound puppies will need to feed on high-quality kibble. But, you need not leave food in their bowls all day long. Greyhounds generally have strong appetites and they’ll eat anything they come across.


Greyhounds have short and fairly smooth coats. They do not shed much so a weekly brushing of their coats is all that is required. When taking them for a bath, use a dry dog shampoo to keep their coats smelling great. You can learn more about bathing your dog here.

Recommended Grooming Tips

● Clean their ears to remove debris. When cleaning, do not insert anything into their ear canals, clean their outer ears.

● Brushing their teeth regularly is vital to prevent tartar build-up.

● Trim their nails one or two times every month.

● Also, check their ears for redness and bad odour. This should be done on a weekly basis to ensure they’re not infected.


Contrary to what many think, greyhounds don’t require hours of exercise. Short walks of 15 – 20 minutes is enough to keep them healthy. Even though these dogs are famous for their amazing speed, they actually prefer napping to running laps. It is this love for lounging that has earned them the nickname “60 km per hour couch potatoes”.


For the most part, greyhounds are shy and timid. As such, they should be dealt with gently during training. Given their docile nature, these dogs don’t respond very well to harshness.

Owners should, therefore, use a kind of voice and positive reinforcement when training their greyhounds.

As for house-training, different greyhounds take different lengths of time to learn. Some pick it almost instantly while others spend months just learning the basics.

Most Asked Greyhound Questions

Are greyhounds good with children?

Yes, they are. They are better than most breeds when it comes to getting along with kids. This can be attributed to their characteristic gentleness. However alike with all dogs never leave kids and greyhounds together unsupervised.

Can greyhounds live with other cats and small pets?

Yes, greyhounds can be trained to get on well with cats and smaller pets.

How much does a Greyhound cost?

Greyhounds for sale cost $500 to $3000 approximately. Many greyhound dogs up for adoption are adult ex-racing dogs.

This is general information and should not be relied on as adoption or purchasing advice.

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