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Chow Chow


Compared to other canine species, Chow Chows are quite a unique breed. They have the personality of kittens but the temperament of guard dogs. And that’s not all; their sturdy build makes them look like a cross between a dog, bear and lion!

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The Ultimate Guide to Chow Chows

Key Characteristics Of Chow Chows
How Can I Take Good Care Of A Chow Chow Puppy?
Most Asked Chow Chow Questions
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Compared to other canine species, Chow Chows are quite a unique breed. They have the personality of kittens but the temperament of guard dogs. And that’s not all; their sturdy build makes them look like a cross between a dog, bear and lion!


Chow Chow Origins

Chow Chows originate from China. They are among the most ancient dog breeds and genetic testing has proven this to be true. More specifically, these dogs came from Mongolia and Northern China. They then moved to the South along with the nomadic tribes.

In China, the breed went by many names. It was known as hei shi-tou, which means the black-tongue dog; xiang gou, which means bear dog; and lang gou, which means wolf dog.

At that time, Chow Chows were used as scenting dogs and pointers. This is because they had excellent speed and great stamina. Such traits were particularly useful in bird hunting.

These dogs were first imported to England in 1780. In 1828, the breed grew in popularity following their recording by the London Zoo.

But it was not until Queen Victoria took an interest that the breed became more popular. The first breed club to be established in England was in 1895.

It seems that the breed seem has fallen out of the canine spotlight. But the truth is, it’s still well-established and has several dedicated fanciers. Today, Chow Chows are kept primarily for companionship. They also offer protection against intruders.


Key Characteristics of Chow Chows

Are Chow Chows Family-Friendly?Yes, they make good family pets. They are loyal, playful, charming and protective.
Daily Exercise Needs?
They have moderate exercise needs. 20-minute walks on daily basis.
Common Health Issues & ConsiderationsThey may be prone to:
● Entropion.
● Bloat.
● Epilepsy.
● Hip dysplasia.
● Hypothyroidism.
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Nature & Temperament
Chow Chows are not the most social dogs.

They are a bit aloof to strangers and can be aggressive toward other pets.

They are smart, but they tend to have a stubborn and independent streak.
Male: 25 - 32 kg
Female: 20 - 27 kg

43 - 51 cm
Suitable EnvironmentThey adapt well to both city and country living.
GroomingRough-coated Chow Chows will need daily brushing to keep them free of tangles.

The smooth-coated Chow Chows need brushing one to two times a week.

Other considerations:

● If you look closely, you will notice that chows have a toothy grin. That’s because, unlike other dogs, they have 44 teeth instead of the usual 42.

● Chow Chows can be black, cinnamon, cream, red and blue.

● Their coats can be either smooth or rough.

● Chows need to be kept away from water. Their double coats can get heavy when wet, and weigh them down.

● Much like cats, they are a one-person dog. This means that they tend to form strong bonds with one or two members of the family.

● Chow chows are more sensitive to heat than other dogs.

● During winter, their long double-coats keep them warm.

● During summer, these coats can cause overheating.  


How can I take good care of my Chow Chow or Chow Chow Puppy?


Chows need to be fed approximately two times daily with 1 to 1 ½ cups of high-quality dog food. Also, always give them access to fresh and clean water. By regulating the amount of food they eat, you prevent them from excessive eating.


These dogs have minimal grooming requirements. Their coats need brushing two or three times per week. But the rough coat variety may need more grooming to avoid tangles.

Recommended grooming tips:

● Trim your Chow’s nails every couple of weeks.

● Pay attention to their dental hygiene and brush their teeth two to three times weekly.

● Bathe your Chows once a month and more frequently if they play outdoors and get dirty.


Chow Chows are low-energy dogs. So, they need moderate amounts of exercise. A 20-minute walk every day and an occasional run in the yard is enough to keep them happy.

They need to be kept on a leash or in a fenced yard. The reason is that they can be aggressive to strangers.


Training a chow calls for an experienced and assertive leader. Since they are a dominant dog breed, they do better with a trainer who can prove their leadership.

They’re also somewhat stubborn. But with positive reinforcement and dog treats, they can learn a great deal.

Most Asked Chow Chow Questions

What is the temperament of the Chow like?

These dogs have an independent and aloof character. Owners have to earn their respect. At home, they tend to be placid and quiet. But, they do bark to alert you of intruders or unusual noises.

Their coats must take some grooming?

Contrary to what many people think, chow chows are very easy to groom. They shed in clumps instead of individually falling hairs. This makes their grooming easier. Plus, since their coats are thick, they are able to resist dirt.

How much is a Chow Chow?

A Chow Chow for sale costs between $1000 and $8500 approximately

This is general information and should not be relied on as adoption or purchasing advice.

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