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Puppies For Sale QLD

Puppies For Sale QLD

Queensland is a beautiful state where dogs are considered to be as essential as water. It is a place where many households are not complete without a canine companion. It is no surprise, therefore, that the average monthly search for puppies for sale in QLD was 5,400 from October 2020 to September 2021, according to Google Australia KW Planner.

Situated in northeastern Australia, Queensland boasts of tropical islands, pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and a wide-open outback. There’s plenty of places for puppies to roam freely and meet other four-legged animals. From conservation parks to state forests, and from restaurants to campsites, this state is the perfect playground for dogs.

This is why you must choose a breed that is well suited for the lifestyle and environment Queensland has to offer. To give you a better idea of what breeds are popular among fellow banana-benders, take a look at the chart below:

Most Searched Puppy Breeds In Queensland 2021

1. Border Collie 7. Golden Retriever
2. Dachshund 8. Kelpie
3. Cavoodle 9. Miniature Dachshund
4. German Shepherd 10. Cocker Spaniel
5. Jack Russell 11. Staffy
6. Labrador 12. French Bulldog

Data source: Google Australia KW Planner


Common Questions to Ask your Dog Breeder

Most veterinarians will recommend that you adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder. This is to ensure that you get a happy and healthy pet. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. If you feel awkward interrogating the breeder, just remember that their answers will help you end up with the right puppy for you or your family.

Can I meet the parents?

It is recommended that you meet the puppy’s parents so you know what to expect from the offspring. Often, the sire will not be around as it is usually not owned by the breeder. Meeting the dam is enough for you to get a good idea of what your puppy will be like as an adult.

See if the parents appear to be in good health. Spend a few minutes interacting with both so you can assess their overall temperament. Finally, consider their appearance and size.

If you are lucky enough to meet the entire litter, take a few minutes to play with them. Evaluate each puppy’s personality and energy level. See if it is comfortable around you. If it shows aggressiveness or fear, take it as a sign to look for another breeder.

How do you go about socialising your puppies?

Proper socialisation is very important in puppies six to 16 weeks old. This is to ensure that they can adjust easily to new surroundings and grow up to be well-mannered adult dogs.

It is suggested that you question your breeder about your desired puppy’s exposure to other people and animals. Ask how the puppy reacts to different sounds, smells, and environments. Additionally, find out if it has been housetrained. A good breeder should be willing to go into details on how they socialise their dogs.

Have the parents been examined for genetic conditions?

Certain puppy breeds are prone to genetic diseases like hip dysplasia, cataracts, and heart problems. This is why breeders should have their dogs evaluated by a professional before putting them up for sale.

If you already have a specific breed in mind, it is advised to study up on its most common congenital defects. By researching beforehand, you will know if your breeder has disclosed every known defect to you.

When you finally visit your breeder, ask them what tests have been performed on your desired puppy. An ethical breeder will know every possible genetic issue that may arise in the future. They should also be able to tell you how they have screened their puppy for certain defects.

It is recommended that you ask your seller if your desired canine’s parents have had any health problems of late. If the answer is yes, find out what issues developed and how they were treated. Additionally, ask for the puppy’s family health history. Sometimes, a breeder will have information about the canine’s breed line. They will be able to tell you how long the dogs in the family have lived and what most of them have died from.

What kind of food can I feed the puppy?

Before bringing your new puppy home, ask your breeder what brand and type of food it is being fed. Continue feeding your dog the same food for the next few days so that it does not experience an upset tummy. Some breeders will be kind enough to give you a few days’ supply of the food.

There are dog parents who choose to keep their puppy on the same diet, and there are those who prefer to switch to a different one. If you want to change your puppy’s brand of food, do so gradually. Your breeder will most likely advise you to combine both the old food with the new one on the first day of the switch.

Here is an important thing to remember: puppies that are eight weeks old should already have been weaned from their mother. If you are bringing home a puppy this age and it is still not eating solid food, find another breeder.

Is the puppy up-to-date on its vaccinations?

Puppies usually receive their first series of vaccines between six to eight weeks of age. When visiting your breeder, ask how many shots their puppy has already had. Additionally, find out if the dog has been dewormed, as all puppies are born with worms. Finally, request for the puppy’s medical records, if available.

Ethical breeders work closely with veterinarians to give their puppies the proper care. You may ask your seller to connect you with their vet so you can confirm that the dog being sold to you had been examined and declared healthy.

Do you offer a health guarantee and contract?

Make it your responsibility to request from your breeder a veterinarian-issued health certificate so that you have proof that your desired puppy is in excellent shape. Also, ask the seller if the puppy can be returned if it is found to have a severe illness a few weeks after it is brought home.

A trustworthy breeder offers a contract that explains thoroughly the responsibilities of both the buyer and seller. Be suspicious if your breeder does not offer a well-defined contract.

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