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Chinese Crested


With their graceful, hairless bodies, the Chinese Cresteds are hard to miss. These dogs are a bit longer than they are tall, and are extremely charming and friendly. They also have skin that is very soft to touch. This allows them to express their tenderness in a very easy way: cuddling.

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The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Crested’s

Key Characteristics Of Chinese Cresteds
How Can I Take Good Care Of A Chinese Crested Puppy?
Most Asked Chinese Crested Questions
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With their graceful, hairless bodies, the Chinese Cresteds are hard to miss. These dogs are a bit longer than they are tall, and are extremely charming and friendly. They also have skin that is very soft to touch. This allows them to express their tenderness in a very easy way: cuddling.


Chinese Crested Origins

Chinese Cresteds are among the oldest dog breeds. Due to this, not much is known about these creatures. 

The best guess of how they came to be is that a giant hairless breed was once brought to China. The Chinese then decided to breed down this hairless dog to a smaller size. 

Soon after, the dogs started gaining a lot of popularity. This is because they were skilled at exterminating vermin from the Chinese vessels. So as the Chinese merchants sailed across the world, they took these dogs along. 

It is these voyages that led to the Cresteds being introduced in other regions worldwide. This explains why variations of the breed were found in Egypt, Turkey and Central America.


Key Characteristics of Chinese Cresteds

Are Chinese Crested's Family-Friendly?Yes. They make excellent pets because of their playfulness and affection . Plus, they get along well with people and other pets.
Daily Exercise Needs?30 minutes of exercise each day.
Common Health Issues & ConsiderationsCresteds are susceptible to these genetic predispositions:
● Progressive Retinal Atrophy.
● Lens luxation.
● Glaucoma.
● Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease.
Lifespan13 to 15 years.
Nature / Temperament
Outgoing, enthusiastic, sweet-tempered and alert.
4 - 5 kg

Male: 28 - 33 cm
Female: 23 - 30 cm
Suitable EnvironmentThese are suited for apartment/indoor living.
GroomingBrush their coats two or three times a week

Other considerations:

There are two main varieties of the Chinese Crested: the hairless and powderpuff. Hairless Cresteds only have hair on their heads and legs. These are the most common. In contrast, the latter type have long silky coats covering their whole bodies.
● Chinese Cresteds are witty escape artists. They are not afraid of heights; they can climb fences and jump from elevated areas.  
These dogs also come in many different colours. They can range from slate to chocolate and pink.
● Due to their exposed skin, they’re susceptible to the same skin conditions that affect humans. Thus, you should keep an eye out for problems such as acne, rashes and sunburns.
● A lot of Chinese Cresteds have allergic reactions to wool and lanolin. As such, avoid clothing them in these fabrics.


How can I take good care of my Cavoodle or Cavoodle Puppy?


Chinese Cresteds have moderate energy levels, which translates to minimal dietary needs. On average, they consume 0.5 to 1 cup of good quality dog food every day. 

Another important thing to note is that Cresteds have very sensitive kidneys. As a result, they shouldn’t be fed vitamin supplements. Such citrus products contain high amounts of ascorbic acid. The ascorbic acid can cause stomach upset or worse, infections.

Similarly, steer clear from high-carb dog food products and red meats. These too can also result in an upset stomach. 


Chinese Cresteds do not shed much. As such they’re considered hypoallergenic, making them ideal for owners with allergies.  

The fact that they have wash-and-wear coats also means they don’t need frequent bathing. On average, they should be bathed once every 10 to 15 days. 

During this process, start by giving them a gentle preliminary bath to get rid of any dirt and debris. Next, you can give them a thorough bath but use the mildest dog shampoo you can get.

Recommended grooming tips:

Trim their nails every 2 months. Given that Cresteds are lap dogs, most owners will prefer that their pups have short nails.
Remember to clip their pads as well.
● Use a mild cleanser to swab the inside of their ears. This is to prevent them from getting infections.
● Brush their teeth two to three times a week to keep tartar buildup at bay.


Being a small breed, Cresteds don’t need too much exercise. 30 minutes to an hour of exercise every day is enough. This can be accomplished by taking them for short walks. 

But, if it’s cold, rainy or snowy outside, you can meet their exercise demands through indoor play.


Training Chinese Cresteds is fairly easy. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be consistent. Also, training should start early so that they adopt good habits when they’re still young.

This is general information and should not be relied on for adopting or purchasing advice.

Most Asked Chinese Crested Questions

How can I find a breeder with Cavoodle puppies for sale?

Cavoodles are considered a rare breed so finding a cavoodle breeder can be tricky. But one of the easiest ways to find a reputable breeder is to consult a registered breeder. Registered breeders should advise on how to train your cavoodle puppy. Plus, advise you on how to take care of your dog.

How much is a Cavoodle puppy?

Cavoodles for sale cost between $2000 and $4000 for a cavoodle puppy. This price will vary depending on the amount of training. Although expensive, this is a dog with few health issues and one that can keep you company for many years.

How much does taking care of a cavoodle cost?

Since they are a tiny breed, cavoodles are low maintenance. On average, you will spend $15 a week to feed your pup dependant on what food is bought.

Do Cavoodles make good watchdogs?

Yes, because they are alert and watchful. Cavoodles will notify you when there’s a stranger at your doorstep. However, this is not the type of dog that are likely to intimidate or bite intruders.

Are Cavoodles good with children and the elderly?

Cavoodles are very sociable, so they get along well with kids. However, you should monitor how your kids interact with the dog. This way, you can prevent them from bullying or teasing the dog.

These dogs are also suitable for the elderly, particularly because they’re small. Cavoodles also have few nutritional and grooming needs so they are easy for to handle.

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