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Bearded Collie


A charismatic dog breed, the Bearded Collie is one of Britain’s oldest breeds. These dogs enjoy being around their human companions. They are particularly known for their intense stare. They are also very active; therefore they do best when given a task to do. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Bearded Collies

Key Characteristics Of Bearded Collies
How Can I Take Good Care Of A Bearded Collie Puppy?
Most Asked Bearded Collie Questions
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A charismatic dog breed, the Bearded Collie is one of Britain’s oldest breeds. These dogs enjoy being around their human companions. They are particularly known for their intense stare. They are also very active; therefore they do best when given a task to do.  


Bearded Collie Origins

The ancestry of the Bearded Collie can be traced back to Britain during the 16th century. Their development can be credited to a polish merchant named Kazimierz Grabski. Kazimierz once decided to trade his shipment of grain for Polish lowland dogs.

These sheepdogs would later be crossbred with the native Scottish variety. The resulting breed became the ancestor of the Bearded Collie that is so well known today. They were so named because of the beard-like hair that grows on their chins.

After the Second World War, the Beardie was on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, breeding programs spearheaded by Mrs. Olive Wilson helped to save the breed.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Bearded Collies were mainly used for herding. They were also used in driving flocks to the market. Today, they make superb family pets, show dogs and working sheepdogs.


Key Characteristics of Bearded Collies

Are Bearded Collies Family-Friendly?Many say they are great family-oriented pups as they love spending time with their owners.
They’re also very well-behaved even around kids, however as with all breeds, should be supervised
Daily Exercise Needs?Being an energetic breed, it’s recommended that they get 1 - 2 hours of exercise each day.
Common Health Issues & ConsiderationsThey may be prone to some minor health problems such as:

● Colonic disease.
● Canine hip dysplasia.
● Hypoadrenocorticism.
● Knee ligament tear.
● Digestive sensitivity.
Lifespan12 to 14 years
Nature / Temperament
Strong, energetic, intelligent, and affectionate.
Male: 18 - 27 kg
Female: 18 - 27 kg

Male: 53 - 56 cm
Female: 51 - 53 cm
Suitable EnvironmentBeardies do best in large fenced yards or in areas where they have room to move.
GroomingTheir long and dense coats need brushing 4 - 5 times a week.

Other considerations:

They are also known as the Highland Collie, Hairy Mou’ed Collie or Mountain Collie.
● The colours of the Beardie coats range from black to blue, fawn and brown, along with white markings. 
Bearded Collies don’t like to be locked up. They’re likely to start barking if left alone for prolonged periods.
● Some beardies develop allergies as a result of the monthly heartworm preventive. Take your dog to the vet and get advice about their health and medication.


How can I take good care of my Bearded Collie or Bearded Collie Puppy?


Beardies are a medium-sized breed. As such, it’s not difficult to find dog foods appropriate for their size. Opt for high-quality kibble formulated with plenty of proteins. 

The recommended daily intake for adult Beardies is 1.5 – 2 cups of dry dog food and 3 – 4 cups for puppies. 


One of the most notable characteristics of this breed entails their waterproof, double-coat. These coats hang over their whole body, including their chins. 

To keep these coats tangle free, brush them several times every week. You’ll need to brush them even more often during their shedding season. 

Also, dry their coats thoroughly, especially during the wet season. This will help prevent skin conditions.

Recommended grooming tips:

Trim their nails on a regular basis to keep them short.
Brush their teeth 2 – 3 times each week.
Make grooming a fun experience using praise and rewards.
During grooming, check for rashes or other signs of infection. Their ears shouldn’t have bad odour and their eyes should be clear with no discharge.


Bearded Collies have tons of energy. As such, they need at least an hour of exercise every day.

The easiest way to help them expend their energy is to take them for long walks. No doubt your pup will jump with excitement as soon as you take them outdoors. Short runs and jogs are also an excellent way to exercise them.


Bearded Collies are one of the most trainable dog breeds. They’re intuitive and learn commands pretty fast. The only thing owners should keep in mind is to start training them from an early age. 

As soon as you adopt your Beardies, take them out to interact with people. Expose them to new faces, environment and sounds.

This is general information and should not be relied on for adopting or purchasing advice.

Most Asked Bearded Collie Questions

Do Bearded Collies get along well with children?

Generally, they are a people-loving breed. As such, they should get along well with kids.

But, they should first be socialised and taught how to interact with people. Similarly, kids should be taught how to handle young Beardie puppies.

Do Bearded Collies get along well with other animals?

Whether canine or feline, Beardie pups adapt well to living with fellow animals. They’re very friendly although there may be certain variations in some. 

Often, these dogs regard everyone as a friend. Still, you may need to supervise their interactions. Their sheer exuberance can be overwhelming for smaller animals.

What about their adaptability?

Most bearded Collies are adaptable. As long as they’re given enough exercise, they fit well into most lifestyles.

How much are Bearded Collies?

Bearded Collies can be hard to come by. The average price of a bearded collie for sale is $1200 to $1900.

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