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Burmese and Siamese Kittens By Oramor

Maryborough, Queensland

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Raised by Burmese and Siamese Kittens By Oramor

Sue has been breeding top quality Burmese & Siamese kittens for many years under the registered prefix "Oramor" in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia and has gained the respect as being a reputable and extremely responsible and dedicated breeder. The health and well-being of Sue's cat/kittens is paramount as her web site will testify.
Sue's primary aim is to breed healthy, robust kittens with loving, people-oriented, ultra-affectionate purr-sonalities.
Sue's Burmese & Siamese kittens are lovingly raised with pride and your happiness at heart!!
Quality Oramor Burmese and Siamese Kittens are Vet checked, micro-chipped, 1st vaccination, desexed with 2nd health check, certificates of Pedigree & Registration, Micro-chip Certificate and Sterilization Certificate, feeding and care guide included. Flea and worm treated and litter trained.
Oramor Kittens are confident, ultra-affectionate, lovingly raised, happy, healthy and robust priced. Ideal family pet, great with children and dogs
"Oramor" we don't just sell kittens, sound advice and after sale support is offered.

Upcoming Litters

Breeding Practices


We expose our kittens to different environments, people, and other animals to help them become well-adjusted adults. Our structured socialisation program helps inculcate confidence and good behaviour in our kittens, ensuring they grow to be sociable, friendly, and adaptable adult cats.


From a young age, we introduce our cats to various stimuli, puzzles, and gentle training exercises that promote problem-solving, agility, and a well-balanced temperament. We also ensure they have plenty of playtime with humans and other cats to foster a joyful and interactive environment.

Ethical Environment

Our breeding program is rooted in ethical practices that prioritise the welfare of our cats. We maintain a clean, safe, and loving environment for our cats to live, play, and grow, and our pets have warm bedding, fresh water, ample space to exercise, and natural lighting.

Lifetime Rehoming

If at any point you are unable to continue caring for your cat, we provide a lifetime rehoming guarantee. We will take the necessary steps to ensure that your cat is placed in a loving and responsible new home that aligns with our ethical breeding principles.

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Safety Tips For New Owners

  1. Always meet in person
  2. Check all documents before you commit
  3. Ask if they are a registered breeder
  4. Be loyal & patient with your new companion

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