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Beagles are as friendly to their owners as they are with other pets. These dogs are conveniently-sized, look attractive and are easy to groom. Given their unique soulful expression, it’s not surprising that many consider them to be wonderful companions.

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The Ultimate Guide to Beagles

Key Characteristics Of Beagles
How Can I Take Good Care Of A Beagle Puppy?
Most Asked Beagle Questions
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Beagles are as friendly to their owners as they are with other pets. These dogs are conveniently-sized, look attractive and are easy to groom. Given their unique soulful expression, it’s not surprising that many consider them to be wonderful companions.

Beagle Origins

Beagles have been around for centuries. But, the modern beagle did not get its shape and traits until late 19th century.

Before the 19th century, Beagles had fallen out of favour. This can be attributed to the size of the smaller beagles being bred.

Although loved by the Royal families, the small-sized beagle was was not good for hunting.

There are many texts in the 18th and 19th centuries cautioning dog lovers of the breed’s frailty.

In fact, hunters had to avoid areas that had deep culverts, where their beagles would drown. It is this vulnerability that made the beagle infamous.

Reverend Philip Honeywood was a beagle fancier. So, he decided to assess the damage that the toy beagles had created on the reputation of the breed.

Soon after, he developed several related dogs in Essex England to try and correct the breed’s shortcomings. Honeywood focused on creating a medium-to-big sized breed.

There is no documentation explaining the lineage of Honeywood’s pack. But, it’s believed that he bred the North Country Beagles with Southern Hounds.

Honeywood’s efforts led to the creation of a small, hunting beagle. This dog stood at about 23 cm tall and had a pure white colour. It did not take long for this new breed to become popular, especially among royalty.

As Honeywood’s beagles spread throughout England, Thomas Johnson came across this breed. Thomas, a fellow beagler, decided to improve on beagle breeding. His aim was to develop a better-looking dog that was also a capable hunter.

In a nutshell, both Honeywood and Thomas helped to develop the modern beagle. But, it is Johnson who helped to create the appearance of the beagles that you see around today.


Key Characteristics of Beagles

Are Beagles Family-Friendly?Yes, they make ideal family pets. This is thanks to their medium size, low maintenance and laid-back nature.
Daily Exercise Needs?A brisk walk for about two hours every day.
Common Health Issues & ConsiderationsBeagles are susceptible to some specific ailments such as:
● Patellar luxation.
● Glaucoma.
● Beagle dwarfism.
● Cherry eye.
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Nature / Temperament
Beagles have a loving, sweet and gentle nature. They are also sociable, bold and intelligent.
Male: 10 - 11 kg
Female: 9 - 10 kg

There are two height classes:
● 33 - 38 cm
● < 33 cm
Suitable EnvironmentThey can adapt well to apartments and houses.
GroomingThese dogs have short dense coats. They shed lightly all-year round but this can be managed through weekly brushing.

Other considerations:

● Beagles were and are still bred as scent hounds. This means that they have an incredible sense of smell, which can come in handy when tracking or hunting.

● These dogs are friendly and make wonderful companions.

● Still, they should be supervised when they are around smaller pets. Due to their strong hunting instincts, they can attack small animals.

● Beagles come in two main sizes. The first type is about 33 cm tall or less and weighs 8 kgs. The other kind of beagle is 33 to 38 cm in height and weighs 9 kgs.

● When left in a yard, beagles find ways to amuse themselves through howling and digging.


How can I take good care of my Beagle or Beagle Puppy?


Beagles have an instinct to eat as much as they can, which makes them prone to gaining excess weight. As such, owners need not rely on their dogs to tell them how much food is enough.

Average daily intake can be ¾ to 1 ½ cups of dry dog food.


Beagles are a low-maintenance breed. They have medium-length, waterproof coats. So, they don’t need as much as grooming as other long-haired breeds. You’ll need to brush their coats one or two times each week.

Recommended grooming tips:

● Frequent bathing is not advisable as it can dry your beagle’s skin and coat.

● Bathing your dog once every few months should be sufficient.

● Clean your dog’s ears using cotton balls or special wipes. Also, inspect them for ear infections.

● If your beagle’s nails are too long, use some nail clippers to shorten them.

● Buy your beagles dental chews to freshen their breath. It’s also important to brush their teeth each week.


The beagle is a breed that likes staying active. There are two ways of exercising beagles. The first approach is taking them for walks, 1 – 2 times per day. These walks are great for stretching their muscles.

The other way is through cardio exercises. This can be achieved by engaging them in brief but more intense bursts of activities.


Beagles do well with obedience training. Owners should consider a positive reinforcement approach to training. These dogs are ready to do anything to earn tasty treats.

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Most Asked Beagle Questions

What colours do beagles come in?

Most of these dogs have some combination of white, black and brown. They can have either a tri-colour or bi-colour pattern.

How much do beagles cost?

Beagles for sale cost between $500 and $2000 approximately

Can beagles be left alone during the day?

One of the greatest needs for a beagle is companionship. Initially, these dogs were bred to live in packs, so they crave constant company. You can provide this company by spending time with your beagle or adopting another dog for companionship.

Are beagles good with toddlers?

Thanks to their miniature size, beagles aren’t too big for small kids. Plus, they have a gentle nature, which is less likely to intimidate children.

This is general information and should not be relied on as adoption or purchasing advice.

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