Most Popular Dog Names of 2023

Most Popular Dog Names of 2023

In 2023, the trends in naming dogs reflect a fascinating blend of traditional names, pop culture influences, and unique, creative choices. Let’s delve into the most popular dog names of the year, exploring their origins and the reasons behind their popularity.

Classic Names Remain Strong

Max and Bella: These names have been on top of the list for several years. ‘Max’, a name of Latin origin meaning ‘greatest’, continues to be a favorite for male dogs. Similarly, ‘Bella’, meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian and Latin, remains a top choice for female dogs.

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Charlie and Lucy: Both names have English origins, with Charlie being a diminutive of Charles, meaning ‘free man’, and Lucy derived from Latin, meaning ‘light’. These names are favored for their simplicity and timeless charm.

Pop Culture and Celebrity Influence

Loki: Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has seen a surge in popularity. This name is chosen for its association with mischief and playfulness, traits many dog owners see in their pets.

Arya: Stemming from the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, Arya is popular for female dogs, particularly those with a strong and independent demeanor.

Unique and Trendy Names

Echo and Nova: These names reflect a growing trend of choosing more unique, even cosmic-inspired names for dogs. Echo, with its mythological roots, and Nova, meaning ‘new’ in Latin, resonate with owners looking for something distinctive.

Koda and Nala: Influenced by indigenous and African languages, these names have gained popularity for their exotic sounds and cultural richness.

Names Inspired by Nature

Willow and River: Nature-inspired names continue to be a favorite, reflecting a love for the outdoors and natural beauty. Willow, for its gentle and graceful connotation, and River, symbolizing flow and change, are top choices for dog owners.

Food-Inspired Names

Olive and Mocha: These names show the playful side of dog naming, where owners choose names based on their favorite foods or drinks. Olive is popular for its association with peace and friendship, while Mocha is favored for dogs with a brown coat.

Dog Names Specific to Australia

In addition to the global trends, Australia has its own unique set of popular dog names in 2023, reflecting the country’s culture, wildlife, and famous landmarks.

Matilda: Drawing from the iconic Australian song ‘Waltzing Matilda’, this name has a deep cultural significance in Australia. It’s a popular choice for female dogs, embodying a sense of tradition and Australian heritage.

Digger: Historically used to refer to Australian and New Zealand soldiers (ANZACs), ‘Digger’ is a name embraced for male dogs, symbolizing bravery, loyalty, and the spirit of camaraderie.

Sydney: Named after Australia’s largest city, Sydney is a popular name for both male and female dogs. This name reflects the owner’s connection to the city, its vibrant culture, and beautiful harbors.

Bindi: Inspired by the famous Australian conservationist, Bindi Irwin, this name is particularly popular for female dogs. It also refers to a type of plant seed indigenous to Australia, symbolizing the country’s unique flora and fauna.

Boomer: Short for ‘Boomerang’, this name is a nod to the traditional Aboriginal throwing weapon. It’s popular for male dogs and is often chosen for its playful connotation, as well as its distinctly Australian roots.

Gumnut: Inspired by the beloved children’s book characters ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ by May Gibbs, Gumnut is a charming name for smaller dog breeds. It evokes the image of the Australian bush and the country’s unique eucalyptus trees.

Banjo: After Banjo Paterson, the famous Australian bush poet and author of ‘The Man from Snowy River’. This name is popular for male dogs and resonates with cultural and historical significance.

These names not only highlight the owners’ love for their pets but also their pride in Australia’s rich culture, history, and natural environment. These names serve as a reflection of the country’s identity, showcasing the unique connection between Australians and their canine companions.


The most popular dog names of 2023 are a diverse mix, reflecting various influences from culture, nature, and individual tastes. These names not only signify the personality and appearance of the dogs but also the personal interests and values of their owners. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve and what new names emerge in the world of dog naming.


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