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Pet-Proofing: Protecting Your Pup and Your Stuff

Pet-Proofing: Protecting Your Pup and Your Stuff

Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. However, puppies can be a challenge to have at home, whether it’s a friendly Black Cavoodle or an easy-to-train Groodle. This is because they tend to wander and unintentionally destroy some stuff in your house. When left unsupervised, puppies may even get into accidents.

To prevent any harmful incidents from occurring, it is recommended to pet-proof your home before adopting a pooch. Here are several ways you can keep your dog and belongings safe:

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Pet-Proofing Your Bedroom


#1 Store your clothing and shoes properly

As puppies are concerned, anything found on the floor is seen as a chew toy. To prevent any choking hazard, tuck all your garments, especially those with strings and buttons, neatly away into a closet or drawer. Make sure your shoes and slippers are stored in a cabinet or shelving unit that your puppy cannot reach.


#2 Clear away small objects

Like human children, puppies are curious and love to play with things they can easily access. It is important that you stash small objects, like remote controls, toys, figurines, hair accessories, and books, in high or secure places.


#3 Hide electrical wires or cords

If your bedroom has wires hanging from electronics, such as your television, night lamp, and cellphone charger, secure them along furniture legs or put them on top of a table so that they are less visible to your puppy. Additionally, try not to use outlets that are near the floor to minimise the risk of injury by chewing.

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Pet-Proofing Your Living Room


#1 Keep your windows and doors closed

When their fur parents aren’t home, puppies like to view the outdoors through the window. To prevent your pooch from chasing after a delivery guy or another animal that it sees from the other side of the wall, make sure your locks and screens are secure.

Safety gate for pets


#2 Place your stuff on the top shelf

Puppies like to play with just about everything they see: a picture frame, mason jar, or flower pot. When left unattended, they can break things around them and even injure themselves. When leaving your pooch alone, it is recommended that you put your knick-knacks in a high place so that your dog won’t be able to reach them.


#3 Choose puppy-friendly fabrics for your furniture

Teething puppies are to watch out for. They can unstuff your throw pillows, chew on your carpet, or do their business on your couch. It is advised that you choose fabrics that protect against stains and have a tight weave. Leather is a good option as it is very easy to clean. Furthermore, dark fabrics do well in hiding dog fur and dirt. If you already have carpeted floors, you may want to keep your puppies away from them until they’re potty trained; otherwise, you’ll want to find good carpet cleaners


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Pet-Proofing Your Kitchen


#1 Keep food out of reach

Pooches have a way of getting hold of food when they are left on their own. Make it a habit not to leave behind any food on countertops while also securing drawers and cupboards. Ensure that toxic foods, like chocolate, macadamia nuts, and garlic, are stashed somewhere safe.


#2 Hide the trash can

Puppies tend to eat items found in the trash because they are or smell like food. Doing so can lead to health issues as well as a messy kitchen. To prevent this from happening, hide your trash safely behind a secret cabinet.


#3 Choose pet-friendly finishes

When you have a puppy at home, it is important that you choose finishes that wipe clean easily. Tiles, laminates, and polished concrete are recommended because they can quickly be mopped and swept. Consider painting pet spaces using darker shades to help hide blemishes. 

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