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Toy Cavoodles and Mini Cavoodles: What’s the Difference? 

Toy Cavoodles and Mini Cavoodles: What’s the Difference? 

A common question many Cavoodle owners ask is how big their dog will get when it is full-grown. The answer depends on the size of the parents.

One of Australia’s most popular dogs, the Cavoodle is a cross between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The latter has only one standardised size, while the former has three: toy, miniature, and standard. When bred, the result is either a Toy Cavoodle or Mini Cavoodle.

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Cavoodles, in general, are small to medium in size. They can grow anywhere from 30 to 41 centimetres and weigh between three to nine kilograms. But since it comes in two sizes, you may wonder which one will be better for your family and lifestyle. Below is the difference between the two:


Toy Cavoodle

The Toy Cavoodle is the smallest one you can find out there. It is a cross between a Toy Poodle, which has a height of 25 centimetres and a weight between three to four kilograms; and a regular-sized Cavalier, which has a height of 30 centimetres and a weight between six to eight kilograms.

When full-grown at seven to 11 months old, this mixed breed has an average height of 30 centimetres and an average weight of three to six kilograms. This makes the Toy Cavoodle an ideal pet for those who live in a tiny apartment or condominium. It will thrive in any small environment as long it has enough space to roam and exercise.

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Mini Cavoodle

The more popular size for this crossbreed, the Mini Cavoodle is the result of mixing a Mini Poodle with a regular-sized Cavalier. Typically, a Miniature Poodle stands 38 centimetres high and weighs between five and nine kilograms. So when a Mini Cavoodle is full-grown at 11 to 13 months old, its height will range from 30 to 41 centimetres. It will weigh between five to nine kilograms.

Because the Cavalier is a small breed, it isn’t often mixed with a Standard Poodle. This is why there is no Standard Cavoodle. Some breeders, however, call a Mini Cavoodle “standard,” but this is simply because it is bigger than a Toy Cavoodle.

The size of the Mini Cavoodle makes it popular among those who live in both small apartments and large houses, with or without a backyard. This mix is ideal for any environment as long as it gets its daily play and exercise.

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The Bottom Line

There is not much difference between a Toy and Mini Cavoodle aside from their sizes. If you desire a small dog that will make a wonderful household pet, the Cavoodle, in general, makes an exceptional choice. But if you are particular with size due to your lifestyle, let this be your guide in choosing the best one for your family.

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