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Traveling With a Dog in Australia

Traveling With a Dog in Australia

Traveling from Australia overseas with a dog is quite pricey and complicated due to the strict quarantine laws for dogs on the way back. Because of that, the best way is to travel domestically, within Australia, and there are lots of options for a weekend or extended trips around the continent. 

No matter where and how, traveling with a dog can be great fun, but also a big responsibility. Especially in Australia, some rules and restrictions for transport and accommodation for dogs, and visits to national parks are strict. Still, traveling around the continent with your dog can be very joyful and satisfying.

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Is Your Dog Ready to Travel?

One of the first things you must ask yourself is whether your dog is ready to travel. The answer will very much depend on every specific dog, but also on how well it is trained and used to following your commands. 

If you’re sure that your dog behaves well in a new environment, with other dogs, and among new people and children in particular, then it’s probably ready for the trip. 

Make Sure Your Dog Is Healthy

For a dog that is fit and healthy, traveling should be easy. Anyway, before you set off on a trip, make sure to visit your vet and check your pet’s mental and physical condition. If your dog is on a special diet or needs some medication, make sure to have enough of those with you, as you may not find the same products everywhere in Australia. 

Dogs can travel very differently, so even if the dog is in good shape, stress and anxiety can upset your pooch, and also affect it physically. If your dog tends to get nervous in the car, maybe it’s better not to feed it right before the trip. Otherwise, consider looking for dog probiotics Australia, and find the right product that can help your dog’s upset stomach all along the trip.

In Australia, your dog is also at risk of various diseases, so make sure all of its vaccinations are up to date. Besides, don’t forget tick, flea, and worm treatments, those are always good to have at hand. 

What Else to Have In Mind?

When taking a dog for a road trip, there are plenty of things to keep in mind and prepare:

  • Choose a pet-friendly location and accommodation
  • When making a travel budget, don’t forget to include dog food and all the necessities
  • Always have a water bottle for your dog
  • Have enough poo bags
  • Consider finding pet insurance before your trip
  • Research the area you are traveling to and find contacts to local pet clinics for any case of emergency
  • Remember to note the contact to your regular vet if you need any information or advice
  • Make sure your dog has a collar with contact details or an updated microchip 
  • When driving, practice road safety. Make regular toilet breaks, and time for your dog to get some fresh air and stretch its legs
  • Never leave your pet unattended, especially not alone in the car 
  • Make the dog’s space in the car as comfy as possible. Whether the dog will stay in a crate or a car seat, make sure it has its blanket and toys around
  • Dog seat belts and leads are a good investment when traveling, as they will provide extra safety 


Driving With a Dog in Australia

The best way to travel in Australia is by land, driving. If you have your own car or a camper, even better for the dog, as it would already be used to it. 

When you are driving your own car, there are no restrictions or fees for taking your dog along, as there could be with some other transportation options. When traveling long distances, campervans or caravans are an excellent solution. 

There are many wonderful camping sites in the country, and lots of them don’t have any restrictions on dogs. Travelling with a camper may also be easier for dog owners to find suitable spots to spend time with their furry friends. 

How to Organise the Sightseeing?

Lots of sightseeing places in Australia are unfortunately not dog-friendly. Many of the greatest sightseeing places are located within the national parks where bringing pets is strictly prohibited. Besides that, dogs aren’t allowed into natural reserves, historic or Aboriginal areas of the country. 

Therefore, you must plan your holidays accordingly. Even though many sights aren’t accessible to pets, there are plenty of other amazing places to visit. Dogs are usually allowed in state forests and on beaches, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go exploring cities and many of Australia’s wineries. 

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