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How to Get a Dog Breeding Licence in Australia

How to Get a Dog Breeding Licence in Australia

Many breeders practice unethically because there are no authoritative organisations to keep them in check. This is why dog breeders in Australia need to obtain a licence from the government. A licence ensures the safety and welfare of all dogs and keeps a breeder from getting into any legal trouble.


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Anyone earning over $18,000 from breeding is required to have a licence. This excludes hobby breeders. If you are a potential breeder, you can request for an application form from the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) for a fee of AUS $424. 

Following your application, there will be an inspection to make sure you meet the breeding standards of the Animal Welfare Act 1992. The inspector will want to see that your pups are well fed, sheltered, protected, and transported.

Once you get your licence, you will receive a breeding licence number that you will display in all your advertisements. Your licence will be valid for two years beginning from the issuance date.

Some states, however, have additional or special requirements that dog breeders in Australia need to know:


New South Wales

To be eligible for a dog breeding licence in this state, you must be transparent about any criminal offence you have made in the last three years. You will be asked to provide the name of your animal supply operations manager, a description of your accommodation, and details of your staff. You will also be asked to name the animals to be supplied as well as their reproductive data.

The licence has a duration of up to three years and costs $300. Breeder identification numbers are free of charge and available on the NSW Pet Registry.



You must be registered as a breeding domestic animal business in your local council to be eligible for approval in this state. Fill out the application form, include your business plans, and pay the required fee of $3,006. Once your application is approved, you will be asked to submit a yearly report and maintain a public liability insurance of $10 million.

On your first application, your licence will have a duration of 12 months. Renewals have a duration of three years. Renewals may not be granted if the Minister for Agriculture finds you guilty of any dog welfare offence.



In this state, anyone who breeds a dog on or after May 26, 2017 needs to register as a breeder. You can register at the Queensland Government website for free. Registration is valid for 12 months and needs to be renewed annually. Once you are a registered breeder, you will receive a supply number, which you will need to include in all your advertisements.


South Australia

Anyone selling a dog bred from July 1, 2018 onwards are required by law to register as a breeder with the Dog and Cat Management Board (DCMB). The board does not issue licences, so anyone can register themselves as a breeder for a fee of $75. However, once a person is registered, they become accountable to the South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals under the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act 1985.



People eligible for a breeding licence in this state need to meet the standards prescribed in regulations made under the Animal Welfare Act 1993. They must have sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience to look after the welfare of their dogs.


Western Australia

If you are considering breeding dogs in this state, you will need to apply for a kennel licence from your city’s planning team. This is to make sure your land is zoned for dog breeding and that the number of dogs bred is controlled.

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There are many dog breeders in Australia, but not all comply with animal welfare standards. If you are serious about becoming a professional and responsible pup breeder, obtain a licence to keep your dogs and their future pups safe. Become a registered breeder to commit to animal welfare standards and code of ethics.


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