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Get To Know The Different Australian Pet Associations

Get To Know The Different Australian Pet Associations

Whether you are a pet owner or a breeder, becoming part of an association has huge advantages. This will help to ensure the welfare of the animal/s living with you. These associations will help you achieve ethical breeding and responsible pet ownership. They will help to outline the necessary regulations/guidelines to abide by. They also help assist with the following:

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  • Ensuring that state legislation is followed
  • Assisting with breeder education and questions that you may have
  • Increasing trust from any potential buyers/future families of animals bred by you


Below are three top Australian pet breeder clubs:


Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA)

RPBA is inclusive and does not discriminate amongst cat and dog breeds. They allow breeders of both purebred and crossbred animals to join. 

RPBA promotes responsible breeding through its code of ethics. They also offer exclusive breeder templates and documents to assist along the process. They are responsive and easy to reach. 

All members have access to exclusive RPBA benefits such as educational resources, discounts, and more. When you become a full member, you will also gain access to more pet-related discounts. To become a full member, you have to undergo a probationary period first. This way they can ensure that you follow the code of ethics for breeding and pet ownership. 


Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATS)

This registry is the only body in Australia that is associated with the World Cat Federation. They regulate national breeding standards and process cat registration both off and online. ANCATS is a cat-only breeding association.


Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)

ANKC permits the breeding of purebred dogs only. They are a long-running registry of purebred dogs that has worldwide recognition. Breeders are required to follow a code of ethics.

There are two tiers of registrations under ANKC: Main Register and Limited Register. Dogs that are “main registered” are allowed to breed as the litter must be registered in the future.  ANKC members can take part in sporting competitions and dog shows. They can also achieve recognition by partner councils and clubs.


These bodies all aim to put the welfare of breeding companion animals first. If you decide to breed, becoming a part of one of these groups will help to ensure the welfare and standards of care for any breeding animals

To find out more about responsible breeding and pet ownership click here.


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