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How to Tell if You’re Talking to a Legitimate Breeder

How to Tell if You’re Talking to a Legitimate Breeder

When looking for a new cat or dog, it’s important to make sure you’re talking to a legitimate breeder. Responsible breeders are dedicated to the health and welfare of their animals, and they should be able to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about bringing one of their pets home. While most breeders want the best for their animals, being able to sift out unprepared or unethical breeders is the best way to promote responsible breeding. 

To make sure you’re dealing with an ethical and responsible breeder, it’s important to know what factors you should take into account before you commit to a purchase. 

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Ask for Documentation and References

Ethical breeders will gladly provide documents that prove their breeding animals have been screened for any genetic defects or illnesses, as well as proof that all their animals have been vaccinated. They should also be willing to provide references from former buyers so you can speak with someone who has first-hand experience with their breeding program. 

Visit Their Breeding Facility

A legitimate breeder will be open and transparent about their facility and will allow prospective buyers to visit in person so they can see firsthand the conditions in which their puppies are raised. The facility should be clean, spacious, well-ventilated and free from any potential safety hazards. 

Additionally, all the animals should appear healthy with no signs of illness or distress. You can also ask about what type of diet the animals get – human-grade dog food or cat food is a good marker of breeders who are willing to provide the best possible nutrition for their animals. 

During your visit, you may ask to meet the parents of your potential pet so that you can gauge their temperament. While environmental factors play a big role, genetics is equally important in determining whether or not your pet ends up a gentle, well-behaved adult. 

Inquire About Health Guarantees

Responsible breeders will offer health guarantees that cover any genetic defects or congenital illnesses that may arise within a certain time period after purchase. These guarantees typically last anywhere from one year up to five years depending on the individual breeder. 

Make sure these guarantees are clearly outlined in writing before making your purchase decision so there’s no confusion if something does happen with your pet’s health. 

Ask About Socialisation Practices

Good breeders understand how important socialisation is for kittens and puppies, and they usually start introducing them to new experiences and situations at an early age. This allows their animals to get used to different environments while still under the breeder’s care. 

Ask questions about how much time the puppy or kitten spends outside of their enclosure during the day, what kind of people (children/adults) they interact with regularly, and whether they have been exposed to other animals prior to being put up for sale or adoption. 

Research the Breeder’s Reputation

A responsible breeder will have a good reputation in the community and should be recommended by other reputable breeders, veterinarians, and other animal professionals. Do some research to make sure the breeder has a good track record with their past puppies and that they are knowledgeable about the breed and its needs.

You may also check their social media and website, if they have one. They should have detailed information about themselves and the breeds in which they specialise. Additionally, they should keep their social media pages updated with photos and stories about their litters and dogs in general. This is a great way to get a better sense of what kind of person they are and how they treat their animals.

Making sure you’re talking to a responsible cat or dog breeder is a crucial first step in finding your new pet. The extra time and effort on your part will pay dividends later on. By being aware of these factors when speaking with potential breeders, you can help protect both yourself from scams and your future pet from unethical breeding practices. 

We have various resources for buyers looking for reputable breeders, such as our Top Cavoodle Breeder page.

PetsforHomes is partnered with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia, which assures that their pets are raised by breeders that have a solid understanding of best practices, a good breeding code of ethics, and know how to care and bring up their animals.

They make sure that all their members provide pictures of their premises to prove that they have clean, safe and comfortable accommodations for their breeding animals. RPBA reviews all these photos to ensure that each breeder is being held to the highest standards in the care and raising of their animals. 

If you’re a vet looking for new career opportunities, you can also visit our Vet Careers page.

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