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8 Interesting Statistics on Dog Breeding in Australia

8 Interesting Statistics on Dog Breeding in Australia

Australians are huge pet-lovers, which is why there is no shortage of Australia registered dog breeders. If you are considering becoming a breeder or simply keen on buying a pup from one, you’ll probably find these dog statistics very interesting. 

Australia registered dog breeders

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#1 Almost 50% of Australians Own a Dog

According to a 2021 survey conducted by Animal Medicines Australia, over 60% of households in the country have a pet, with almost 50% owning at least one dog. The report said that roughly 19% of all pet dogs were bought during the pandemic due to the need for companionship. Of these dogs, approximately 51% were purebred, 33% were mixed, and 15% were designer breeds.

The most common dogs identified in the report were Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Kelpie crosses, Jack Russell crosses, Cavoodles, and Maltese Shih Tzus.


#2 40% of Pet Dogs Were Acquired from Australia Registered Dog Breeders in 2021

Since 2019, methods of dog acquisition have remained unchanged. This year, roughly 40% of pet pups were adopted from breeders, while around 24% came from family, friends, and neighbours. Approximately 13% of pups have been rescued from shelters, while about 11% were bought from pet shops. Roughly 11% of dogs were obtained from a veterinarian, while around 6% were acquired through various means.


#3 Only Around 15% of Puppies are Sold to Registered Breeders Each Year

In late 2020, the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) revealed that of the approximately 450,000 puppies sold in the country annually, only around 15% are sold to Australia registered dog breeders. This is because roughly 15% are sold to pet shops and acquired through unregulated online sales.


#4 Pet Owners Spend Over AUD $3,000 Per Dog Each Year

An Animal Medicines Australia report revealed that dog owners have spent over $20 billion in the last year to care for their pups. That’s roughly $3,300 annually per dog. The report further said that about 99% of dog owners spent money on pet food, while roughly 59% paid for vet services. Only an estimated 24% of pup owners invested in pet insurance.

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#5 64% of Dog Owners Took Their Pet to the Vet in 2020

A March 2021, Finder report said that an average dog owner is willing to spend over $4,000 on vet services. In the past year alone, around 64% of households spent almost $250 on average to visit a vet. Approximately 20% took their pup to the vet three times, while almost 80% went to see a pet doctor at least once since the pandemic began.


#6 One-Fifth of All Pet Dogs Were Acquired During the Pandemic

Around 20%, or one in five pups, were adopted since the start of the pandemic, according to Animal Medicines Australia. The report said that roughly 28% of city dwellers and around 28% of households with children were the most likely to have procured a pup during this period. The top three reasons for acquiring one were companionship, temperament, and size.


#7 The Cavoodle is the #1 Breed in Australia This Year

Pet Insurance has released the 10 most popular dog breeds for 2021, and Cavoodles have topped the list. A crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, this designer dog is known for its loving nature. Coming in second place was the French Bulldog followed by the Golden Retriever.


#8 Bella Remains the #1 Dog Name in Australia for the 6th Straight Year

 In January 2021, the NSW Pet Registry said that the name Bella remains the most popular name in every state and territory in Australia for 2020. This, however, is with the exception of Victoria, where Charlie hailed as the top name.













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