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Most Popular Schnauzer Colours?

Most Popular Schnauzer Colours?

Most Popular Schnauzer in Australia

1. Black Schnauzer 6. Platinum Silver Schnauzer
2. White Schnauzer 7. Sable Schnauzer
3. Salt and Pepper Schnauzer 8. Cream Schnauzer
4. Black and Silver Schnauzer 9. Liver Schnauzer
5. Red Schnauzer 10. Black and Tan Schnauzer

Data source: Google Australia KW Planner

According to Google Australia KW Planner, the average monthly search for Mini Schnauzer puppies for sale from December 2020 to November 2021 was 1,900. This comes as no surprise given that this German purebred is intelligent, affectionate, and obedient by nature.

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Aside from its exceptional temperament, this small dog is adored by many Aussies for its unique appearance. The wide variety of gorgeous and irresistible colours and colour combinations that it comes in will give any dog lover a hard time choosing one that will suit their discerning taste.

If you are in search of a Mini Schnauzer for sale, below is a list that may help you decide what coloured dog to adopt:

Top 10 Schnauzer Colours

gray schnauzerTenth on the list is the Black and Tan Schnauzer. It is often called “Phantom” because of its solid black body and vivid copper markings.

Also called the Chocolate Schnauzer, the Liver Schnauzer has a solid brown colour with a couple of white markings on its body. Most have brown eyes, noses, and pads.

Cream is a relatively new colour for a Schnauzer. Dogs with this shade usually have green, brown, or hazel eyes; a black or brown nose; and chocolate or black pads.

Sable, or Fawn, is a rare colour for a Schnauzer. Canines of this shade typically have coats with black tips. The rest of the hair can be tan, silver, grey, gold, or yellow.

The Platinum Silver Schnauzer has a colour similar to that of a Salt and Pepper Schnauzer, only lighter. As a puppy, it is light grey in colour. As an adult, its coat can turn to light silver or almost white.

One of the rarest colours of a Schnauzer is red. Canines of this colour come in various shades of red and orange. The darker the shade, the more expensive the dog. 

Coming in at number four is the Black and Silver Schnauzer. At birth, this dog is similar in colour to the Black and Tan Schnauzer – with a solid black body and copper markings. As it ages, however, the copper markings lighten, turning into silver.

profile of white and gray schnauzerThe Salt and Pepper Schnauzer is born with banded hairs of grey that later on turn to silver. This dog usually has a tan hue on both sides of its body.

As its name suggests, the White Schnauzer has solid white fur. It is very popular because its colour stays white throughout its lifetime.

Topping the list is the Black Schnauzer which is born solid black. This means, even its nose and pads are black. Some, however, have some white on certain parts of their body.


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