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What Coat Colours Do Staffys Have?

What Coat Colours Do Staffys Have?

Staffy Colour Chart

1. Blue Staffy 6. Black and white Staffy
2. Brindle Staffy 7. Fawn Staffy
3. Black Staffy 8. Blue and white Staffy
4. Red Staffy 9. Red and white Staffy
5. White Staffy 10. Brindle and white Staffy


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Dogs come in different patterns and colours and the Staffy is no exception. This is pretty intriguing given that even dogs of the same breed may have different coat colours.

The Staffy in particular comes in a wide range of hues; some in solid colours and others in a combination of colours. So in this post, we’ll look at the most popular Staffy dog colours.

Most Popular Staffy Colours in Australia

Of all colours, the Blue Staffy is the most popular. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your puppy will have a sky-blue colour. Instead, it’s more of a silvery-gray or icy colour.

What this means is that your Blue Staffy carries a recessive gene for the blue coat colour. Its parents may not have blue coats, but they carry the gene for a diluted black coat.

blue staffordshire bull terrier puppy

A brindle Staffy is the next most popular colour. Important to note though is that brindle is often used to describe the pattern of the Staffy’s coat colour. Such a dog will have striped colouration.

That said, the pattern will be a bit more subtle. It won’t be as prominent as the striped patterns you’d find in other animals like tigers or zebras.

Black Staffys are also fairly common in Australia. If you’re a passionate hiker or winter aficionado, this is the type of Staffy you’ll want to choose. Think of how good your puppy will look in those winter photos. Besides, he will also be very easy to spot when you’re outdoors.

The solid red and solid white Staffys share the fourth spot for the most popular colour.

As with the Blue Staffy, the red colour doesn’t mean that your pup will be a deep red colour. Rather, his coat will look like mahogany or chestnut hue.

White Staffys are also relatively common. But, they have a bad rep for being difficult to maintain. The secret to keeping your dog’s coat white is to use a whitening shampoo every once in a while.

When it comes to colour combinations, the most common is the black and white Staffy. Often, this colour scheme will appear in a merle pattern. This simply means the dog’s coat will have a marbling effect.

A less popular solid colour is fawn. Fawn Staffys have coats, which have a light shade of brown. This usually looks like a reddish- to yellowish-brown.

While not as common as the black and white, it’s not unusual to find some blue and white Staffies. These colourations may be mottled or speckled.

Rounding up the top ten list are red and white as well as brindle and white colour combinations. Contrary to popular belief, such two-toned dog coats don’t need any more care than those with solid colours.

Data source: Google Australia KW Planner

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