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Border Collie Kelpie Cross


Gentle and sweet, the Border Collie Kelpie Cross is a dog you will want to come home to every day. Both its parents are energetic, so you can expect this crossbreed to have a very lively spirit. It loves to run around, learn new tricks, and play with its human.

Because of its loyal nature, this canine will make a wonderful companion and sidekick. It loves spending time with its family and is great with children. While friendly, it isn’t always comfortable around large groups of people and noisy places.

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The Ultimate Guide to Border Collie Kelpie Crosss

The Border Collie Kelpie cross is a mix of a Border Collie and Kelpie. Both Border Collies and Kelpies were originally bred to sheep livestock, so you can expect their offspring to have a strong herding instinct.

Because of its herding background, the Border Collie Kelpie cross makes a wonderful guard dog and working dog. It is also suitable as a scent dog and rescue dog.

Border Collie Kelpie Cross Origins

Border Collie Kelpie cross dogs are quite a new breed, but their ancestors go a long way back. The early Border Collies were developed in the late 1800s in Scotland, while the early Kelpies were originated from the Scottish collies brought to Australia in the late 1800s.

In the late nineteenth century, Australia and New Zealand opened up hundreds of acres of their land to sheep farmers to support the wool industry. Collie-type herding dogs were brought to both countries to handle the large flock of sheep. These included the Border Collie and Kelpie.

By the early twentieth century, farmers began developing distinct breeds that can herd under harsh heat. Border Collies and Kelpies were among these breeds, as both could handle livestock on their own. The result is the Border Collie Kelpie cross we know today.


Key Characteristics of Border Collie Kelpie Crosss

Are Border Collie Kelpie Cross Dogs family-friendly? Yes, they are. Both their parents are very good-natured and love being around families. They have a positive attitude towards children and enjoy playing with their owners. When properly socialised, they can be very affectionate.
Daily exercise needs? A Border Collie Kelpie cross needs at least one long walk daily to keep it healthy and happy. A minimum of two hours a day is enough, but with its energetic nature, more is better.
Common health issues & considerations Because the Border Collie Kelpie cross comes from two herding dogs, you can expect it to be strong and healthy throughout its life. If there are issues to be aware of, it would be the following:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Seizures
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Collie eye anomaly
  • Bloating and weight gain
Lifespan 10 to 17 years
Nature / Temperament Gentle, friendly, smart, energetic, and strong
Size Weight
14 to 21 kgHeight
45 to 50 cm tall, depending on the parents
Suitable Environment  With an outgoing nature and strong herding background, the Border Collie Kelpie cross prefers to be in large, open areas. It needs ample space to run around and be active. It enjoys being outdoors, so it is best suited for homes with a big backyard.

Due to its medium-to-large size and energetic temperament, this crossbreed is not ideal for small apartments. However, if you commit enough time every day to take it out to run, play, or train at the park or in any open space, apartment living may work.

If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors or is always looking for adventure, this dog will make a great companion. It is most happy when stimulated mentally and physically.

Grooming Border Collie Kelpie cross dogs tend to shed regularly throughout the year, so brushing their coat a couple of times weekly is needed. However, during spring and autumn, their double coat will shed heavily, so daily brushing is a must.

Other Considerations:

  • Because of their strong herding instinct, Border Collie Kelpie cross dogs will herd anything that gets in their way. This includes children and other pets. It is important to train them as early as possible.
  • They are sensitive when it comes to training. When teaching your canine, avoid mistreatment. Establish a good relationship with your pup and make it feel safe.
  • They can get uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations.

Average cost of a Border Collie Kelpie Cross

Border Collie Kelpie Crosss typicaly range between $1000 and $5000AUD.

How can I take care of my Border Collie Kelpie Cross?


Feed your Border Collie Kelpie cross as much raw food as you can. However, make sure to manage its portions as this crossbreed is prone to over-eating. It is best to talk to your vet regarding food options and quantities.


Both Border Collies and Kelpies have different coat textures, so you won’t know what their offspring’s grooming needs will be until it has grown to be at least a year old. However, most will likely need at least two good brushings a week.

Recommended Grooming Tips

  • Border Collie Kelpie cross dogs can be very playful when outdoors, so expect to give them occasional baths.
  • When bathing your pup, use only a dog-friendly shampoo. Better yet, check with your vet so you know the right product to use.
  • If your dog’s coat is tangled and can’t be combed out, clip the fur with care.


Border Collie Kelpie cross dogs need a lot of active time, considering both their parents are hardworking canines. They make a great companion for pet owners who also love the outdoors.

Long walks, playing, and training make these crossbreeds very happy. They enjoy chasing objects or going on exhausting hikes. Any activity that will tire them out is a great choice.


The Border Collie Kelpie cross is an intelligent dog that is easy to train. However, with its Kelpie gene, it can be quite independent and stubborn.

This is why it needs a trainer who is firm but able to give it positive reinforcement. Give your pup praise and treats when it does a good job.

This is basic information, and it should not be used to make adoption or purchasing decisions. Be sure to consult an expert if you’d like to learn about the breed’s care and requirements.

This is general information and should not be relied on for adopting or purchasing advice.

Most Asked Border Collie Kelpie Cross Questions

What do Border Collie Kelpie Cross dogs look like?

Most of the time, Border Collie Kelpie cross dogs look different from one another. Even if they come from the same litter, they can sometimes be very hard to tell apart.

Usually, they have a foxy and muscular appearance with a muzzle much pointier than their Collie Border parent. Their coat is a mix of their parents’ colours, which are black, white, and red.

Do Border Collie Kelpie Cross dogs shed a lot?

Both the parents of a Border Collie Kelpie cross have a double coat, so you can expect your pup to shed year-round. The shedding gets worse in spring and autumn, so daily brushing is required.

What’s the price of Border Collie Kelpie Cross dogs?

A Border Collie Kelpie cross costs between AUD $200 to $3,200. If you are looking to adopt one, it is best to get in touch with a verified breeder to make sure you buy a pup that is healthy and well taken care of.

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