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Hungarian Vizsla


Also known as the Magyar Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer, these dogs are loved for their attractive looks and athletic prowess.

The Hungarian Vizslas make excellent working dogs. This explains why they are used for many activities such as hunting, tracking and retrieving.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hungarian Vizslas

Key Characteristics Of Hungarian Vizslas
How Can I Take Good Care Of A Vizsla Puppy?
Most Asked Vizsla Questions
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Also known as the Magyar Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer, these dogs are loved for their attractive looks and athletic prowess. The Hungarian Vizslas make excellent working dogs.

This explains why they are used for many activities such as hunting, tracking and retrieving.


Hungarian Vizsla Origins

The precise origin of the Hungarian Vizsla is mired in controversy. Some claim that the Vizsla existed centuries ago. Others believe that the breed came about in the 20th century.

Originally kept by the nomadic Magyar hunters, Vizslas were useful in tracking and driving birds and other game into nets. As they made very good hunters, they became a favourite of warlords and barons.

When firearms came into the scene, the Hungarian Vizsla transformed into a dog that was fast yet stealthy enough to avoid spooking prey unnecessarily. Other attributes that made the Vizsla so good at hunting are its keen sense of smell, sharp eyesight and retrieving capability.

Many canine historians claim that the Vizsla is closely related to the Turkish Yellow Dog and the Transylvanian Hound. Authorities generally believe that this breed predates its German cousin- the Weimaraner.

But, there are those who argue that the Magyar Vizsla results from cross breeding Weimaraners and assorted pointer breeds.


Key Characteristics of Hungarian Vizslas

Are Hungarian Vizslas Family-Friendly?Yes, they are. As a result of their relentless energy, they do better in families with older kids and teens.
Daily Exercise Needs?
Vizslas need one to two hours of vigorous activity on a daily basis.
Common Health Issues & ConsiderationsHungarian Vizslas are susceptible to these conditions:
● Hip dysplasia.
● Canine epilepsy.
● Hypothyroidism.
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Nature & Temperament
The Hungarian Vizslas are active, agile and very light on their feet.

They have a somewhat independent spirit and are also highly trainable.

If they are not handled by a strong and assertive figure, they tend to become stubborn.

They are very affectionate, loyal dogs and are referred to as “Velcro Dogs” as they enjoy constant company.
Males: 20 - 30 kg
Females: 18 - 25 kg

53 - 64 cm
Suitable EnvironmentThis dog is best suited for country-living. At the least, there should be an average-sized fenced yard.
GroomingVizslas are a low to moderate shedder so they only require weekly brushing to keep them free from loose hair.

Other considerations:

● Hungarian Vizslas need a great deal of interaction with their owners.

● They are chewers so you can get your Vizslas different chew toys to keep them engaged.

● These dogs thrive in homes that have fenced yards. This way, they can run and play around without straying.

● They relate well with other dogs as well as cats.

● They make good watchdogs, and they don’t bark excessively.


How can I take good care of my Hungarian Vizsla or Vizsla Puppy?


Hungarian Vizslas feed on high-quality dog food containing animal-based proteins. As such, you should go for dog foods that list proteins as the first ingredient.

Avoid giving them dog food that lists grains and corn as the first ingredients. These products can cause them to suffer from hyperthyroidism.


Grooming your Hungarian Vizsla on a weekly basis is recommended. Use a soft natural-bristle brush to keep their coat looking shiny. Depending on your assessment, you can also use a dry dog shampoo to freshen their coat.

Overall, Hungarian Pointers are a clean dog with little to no smell.

Recommended Grooming Tips

● Consider getting raw marrow bones for your Vizslas to chew to keep their teeth sparkling.

● Trim their nails once or twice every month. If you hear them clicking on the floor, it’s likely that their nails are too long.

● When bathing your Vizsla, stick to a specific dog shampoo so as to keep the fur in good condition.


Exercise, exercise and more exercise is the secret to a happy and healthy relationship with your Hungarian Vizsla. Engage them in 2 ½ hour workouts in the form of walks, games of fetch among other canine sports.


Hungarian Vizslas are relatively easy to train. But a few of them can be stubborn. Owners should start training their Vizsla puppies early to develop good results.

During training, try to be patient, consistent and never harsh. This breed responds well to positive reinforcement such as praise and treats. Personal socialisation also needs to be a part of his training regimen.

Most Asked Hungarian Vizsla Questions

Are Hungarian Vizslas good running dogs?

Yes, in fact most of them are purely bred for endurance. But only take your Vizslas for long runs if they are fully developed and you’ve trained them into it. Otherwise, stick to short-distance runs.

How much does a Hungarian Vizsla Puppy Cost?

Hungarian Vizslas for sale cost between $1000 and $2000 approximately. Keep in mind that this dog breed is ideal for people already living an active lifestyle.

Do Hungarian Vizslas shed?

Yes minimal, they have short hair. So, they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Brushing your Vizsla on a weekly basis is enough.

What are Hungarian Vizslas like indoors?

If you’ve seen a Vizsla running around your neighbour’s yard all day long, you might wonder whether he’s equally this active indoors. After having had enough exercise, all they’re likely to do is sleep for the remaining part of the day.

Vizslas are affectionate dogs so they’ll want to stay right next to their owner. You might also find them cuddling on your couch, under the blankets or in bed.

This is general information and should not be relied on as adoption or purchasing advice.

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