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Why Get Verified?

To gain your buyer’s trust

Pet scammers are everywhere. What’s worse is that their number continues to rise every year. By getting verified, you let potential pet owners know that you do not engage in unethical breeding and that profit is not your main interest.

Stand out from other breeders

Anyone can sell a pet, but not all can breed a healthy and happy one. When you are verified by a trusted name like PetsForHomes, animal owners will know you as someone that practises responsible breeding.

Increase confidence from buyers

It is every breeder’s dream to have a customer base large enough to expand their business, whether big or small. This way, they get to give their puppies more homes to live and grow happily in. Profit is only a bonus.

To make selling much easier

Many potential pet owners usually only look at two things when considering adopting an animal: its temperament and health. This is why they always make sure to buy from a breeder they can trust. By getting yourself verified, you not only make yourself known to others as a reputable breeder but also ensure them that the animals you breed are happy and in good health.

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