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Dogs Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Pups

Price : $2,500.00
Type : For Sale
Date : May 30, 2022
Location : Ipswich QLD, Australia

5 Gorgeous Mally Pups available

1 Red Boy

2 Red Girls

2 Black Girls

Our Mals, Wesley and Sicily (see photos) have been genetically tested for hereditary traits/diseases etc.

They have great health and their lineage is also known back to their grandparents.

We are RPBA members and firmly believe in the organization and what it stands for.


Mallies are not recommended for first time dog owners. They are strong willed, physically powerful dogs. Previous experience with Spitz dogs lends itself well to owning a Mal – so Husky/Samoyed/Akita/Shiba etc..If you’ve had a Spitz, you’ll know that wonderful independence they can have.

MALAMUTES ARE NOT GUARD DOGS. Despite their appearance, Mals will not guard your home in general. More than likely they’ll play with the bandits. Malamutes are wonderful family companions, and need to be close to their people. Leaving a Mal outside with little attention is killing it slowly.

They are fantastic travel and outdoor adventure companions – hiking, biking, sledding, a good run to burn off some energy. And when the time comes they go back to their softer side of sitting or cuddling with you.

Do they shed? Yep. Our Mals in the genetic testing came back with a low shed marker. That is still more than most other dogs however so if you want a hair free household then perhaps a Mal is not for you.

Do they talk? Absolutely!! Whether you start the conversation or they do, it’s a given with a Malamute there will be chat 🙂

Price for the pups is $2,500 or reasonable offer

Getting our pups into great homes is our priority so all reasonable offers are considered.

RPBA: 3658



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