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Bordoodle Puppies for Sale

Price : $4,000.00
Type : For Sale
Date : March 21, 2022
Microchip number/bin/source number : Source Number: MB177448, Microchip Numbers: 978101083684622, 978101083684040, 978101083679996
Location : Clunes VIC, Australia

Here on our family farm at Pupular, we are excited to be able to share with you the remaining 3 F1 beautiful black bordoodle puppies of our recent litter. Their father is a standard and their mother is a loving, loyal border collie. They are raised in a caring environment, with every day being filled with fun and excitement, especially when they are with us on their puppy walks in the garden, digging over the garden beds or helping hang out the washing. Having a degree in Veterinary and Wildlife science, with courses that include animal husbandry means you can be assured your puppy is coming from a breeder who takes the health and wellbeing of these cuddly fur babies very seriously. We ensure that they’re fed a diet of variety, have plenty of toys and space to run around and play in. All of them have been well socialized with other dogs, cats, chooks and lots of people. They were born on the 17/1/22 and are 9 weeks old, so they are ready to go to their forever home!  

Microchip number, 978101083684622 – Ace 

Ace is our first beautiful boy, the biggest of the litter and will have a very curly, silky coat. He is a calm and quiet boy – as calm and quiet as a puppy can be! He’s the one who’s the first to come to you and cuddle up with his people. He likes to be by your side, pawing at you to let you know he is there so he can climb onto your lap and have some extra pats and cuddles. After that, a good play with his squeaker toys or with tug-of-war ropes, is next on the agenda followed by a curl up on your feet or beside your chair.  

 Microchip number, 978101083684040 – Leggings 

Leggings is our second boy, with beautiful white legs and chest who will be just as curly as Ace, and he is our vocal one! As soon as you go near their pen to give them some food or let them stretch out their legs, you’ll be greeted with a yowl or a yip, a puppy so excited to see his people he cannot help but call out to them. He’s our outgoing, enthusiastic puppy – wanting to be a part of whatever he sees his people doing. He often paws the air when he wants to play, if you don’t go over to him, the next thing you’ll see is a happy puppy bounding over for some attention.  

Microchip number, 978101083679996 – Mittens
Mittens is our last boy, who has little white ‘mittens’ on his front paws, a finer more border-collie like face, with a less tight curl to his fur, but silky and soft. He is more reserved than our other two. He will wait and watch, assessing every situation he sees, before diving headlong into whatever is going on around him when he decides its not scary after all. When you call his name, he tilts his head from side to side, listening attentively, before racing over for a play or cuddle. He loves his toys, but is often found ‘pouncing’ from rocks and their bed, he loves climbing and exploring whatever he can find.  

Each puppy shall come with a ‘Pupular Puppy Pack’, which has the following; 

 – Vaccination status and papers
 – Pack of puppy pads
 – Comfort Litter blanket
 – Toys from his litter mates
 – Puppy Feeding Guide and food for a week
 – Breeder support 

 All puppies will be given a bath prior to pick up and have had their required vaccines as well as deworming. All puppies have been vet checked and given a clean bill of health. 

Feel free to drop an inquiry about these gorgeous Bordoodle puppies through messages, we are always willing to answer any questions you may have relating to these beautiful boys.

Please be aware before you enquire that they are a large breed and need time and a loving owner/family. While they all love a cuddle and to sleep and sit beside you they also will need space to run and time to be trained. Being an intelligent dog they learn readily and can be a real companion. 

We are a Registered Breeder and are a member of RPBA – 10521
Our Source Number for Victoria is – MB177448



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