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Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023
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Chocolate Miniature Dachshunds born 01/02/2023 Top

We have 3 puppies for sale that were born on the 01 February 2023.


Mum is a black and tan queen!  Chutney is sassy and bold with a voracious appetite.


Dad is a chocolate pie bald.  Pickles is more sedate than his wife, he is happy to be told what to do, and loves being the dad.  He plays with the pups and is happy for them to be put away after he has been nipped a few times.  Although he doesn't have a job, he has been a good stay at home dad.


Both parents have DNA testing available to see and are clear - although mum's are from her parents. Our puppies have spent their life living with two cats, two dogs, and a kid.  They are socialized with each other and have play time inside or outside now.  They play with their toys (as well as their puppy training pads) but are not completely toilet trained - although their aim is improving.  They are handled regularly now that they are older and are very sweet and playful.


Puppies have wormed, vet checked and microchipped.  They are currently on a diet of Royal Canin puppy kibble and Royal Canin mousse/Advance puppy food with some very fine chopped cooked chicken breast in it.


All puppies have been wormed with drontal wormer at the 2- and 4 and 8 weeks age and then will require again when they turn 10 weeks old.  Puppies will be good to go to their new home from NOW -  8-9 weeks of age.


Relish - Male - has white chest, small white tipped at his tail and white rear paws - the first born and the biggest!  Weighing a hefty 272g when born, now a whopping 2840g when he was last wormed on the 29 March.  Relish has a very sweet personality, although determined, as you could imagine from the dachshund breed.  He was the first to navigate over the entry of his pen and loves a good snuggle.    He has navigated the cat flap door, but isn't quite big enough to get back in.  He is the most chilled of the group and is the middle brown colour.


Peri-Peri - Female - is the lightest of all the puppies - the second born at 206g.  Peri Peri is full of sass!  She loves a good munch on your toes, often instigates fisty cuffs, but is the first for a nap.  She is clever and cuddly and loves to explore - but not too far away!  At her last weigh, she was 1910g.      Peri Peri believes that sleep is for the weak, and can be heard howling at 0400.  She is very chatty and fiesty, she does not walk when she can run.  She also likes to lounge around and sleep on her back!  She has a giant amount of love to give, and often showers your face with tongue baths.


Sriracha - Female - darkest of our puppies, the last born and honestly, the one with the most attitude. She was the first to bark, and will come when called, with her tail wagging from the neck down.  She sometimes runs crooked for the way in which she gets to excited.  She and Mayo often went into battle, and there was a lot of noise that happened. Not a whole lot of action. She is the sweetest of girls, and I know that we are not supposed to have favorites, but she is mine with her sassy can do attitude and a force to be reconned with! Born at a staggering 222g, she now is 1055g.


All puppies are super invasive, and have no concept of personal space.  I would not wear loose fitting clothing whilst sitting on the floor paying with them, as you can get nipped in very sensitive areas, such as behind your knee and toes.


I love all of these puppies and want them to go the best homes.  Money is not as important to us as the family adopting them are.  If you are interested, please contact us!  If you want any other information, please do not hesitate to ask!


SOLD - Wasabi - Male - has a white chest only - he is the neediest of all the puppies. He just loves the company of others but is quite happy sharing his time with you. He is most vocal of all the puppies, love a HUG, I mean LOVES a hug, and is quite independent - within site. He prefers to sleep on his own side of the bedding and loves to play with his dad. He was born at 246g and has steadily climbed to 1170g at his last weigh in.

SOLD and moved to Cairns! -Mayo - Male - white belly, white tail tip, white paws - The very sweetest of the puppies. He is a smuggler and will nestle into your neck for a cheeky lick and some snooze time. Awake, he and Sriracha have a tousling duet that speaks volumes - literally - there is growling and barking, no real action, just passionate play. Mayo has a sweet temperament and a great little lap dog. He was both at 246g and currently is 1805 g.

Dogs have access to: warm bedding, water at all times, ample space to exercise, natural light

Dogs have enrichment provisions: Yes

Dogs are exposed to: people with different appearances or ages, different sounds

Offers lifetime rehoming: Yes

Nikkie Rebecca Kujawski

Nikkie Rebecca Kujawski

Beenleigh QLD 4207, Australia
**** *** 2158

Safety Tips For New Owners

  1. Always meet in person
  2. Check all documents before you commit
  3. Ask if they are a registered breeder
  4. Be loyal & patient with your new companion
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