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Dogs Tenterfield Terrier

Mini Foxie Mini Foxy, Merle, Lilac, blue chocolate

Price : $2,000.00
Type : For Sale
Date : May 24, 2022
Location : Wamuran QLD, Australia

Miniature Foxie puppies. Mini Foxy Also known as Tenterfield Terrier to some.

Are you looking for an awesome little mini foxie for your next best friend.

Welcome to LooCha mini foxies,

where we genetically test the parents of your new little family member to know you are being offered a healthy puppy with results of the DNA supplied to you if wanted.

Picture 1 we have an awesome hard to find merle tri coloured male. He is clear for DM, PLL and PRA-prdc. Not only that he may also carry the amazing chocolate and yellow colour, he does carry the blue gene. There are not many merles around at the moment, although they have been in the breed for many years they are not accepted as a “approved” colour in the mini foxie. Check out his eyes. $3000

Picture 2 we have a beautiful little tri male, this man does carry blue and he may also carry the amazing chocolate and yellow as well. This little munchkin is clear for DM, PLL and PRA-prdc as well. $2000

Picture 3 is a blue boy. Not only is he blue he may also carry the chocolate and the yellow. He is also clear for DM, PLL and possibly PRA-prdc. $2500.

It’s amazing how the colours can hide underneath the shown colours. How genetics work is amazing. We send our DNA samples over to the US as well as well as get some testing done here in Australia as well.

Only available puppies are as follows the first 3 pictures.

The other amazing colours we had in recent litters are also shown. Some of the colours were chocolate Merle, I also think we flicked a champagne chocolate Merle, lilac Merle, blue and there was a blue bob tail, lilac and tan/white. Prices of the sold ones ranged from $1500-$3500. The difference on pricing is depending on genetic results and sex of puppies.

Please feel free to look at our page LooCha Mini Foxies, where the heart melts at looking.

BIN# 0000224774800


MDBA# 15630



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