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Dogs Golden Retriever

Puppy culture Curly Goldadore retriever puppies

Price : $6,500.00
Type : For Sale
Date : March 15, 2022
Microchip number/bin/source number : 991001004297868,991001004297870,991001004297872,991001004297871,991001004297869,991001004297875,991001004297874,991001004297877,991001004297873,991001004297883
Location : Mount Barker SA, Australia

Golden retriever x Murradore (Murray Curly coated retriever x Goldadore)

Both parents have been hip and elbow scored as well as full DNA health tested.

Our Puppies are raised on ENS, Puppy Culture as well as a specifically designed assistance dog exposure program that produces puppies that are observant not reactive and therefore much less likely to develop behavioral issues later on in life.

We have 2 girls and 8 boys currently available, with a range of coat colors and textures. For more information please visit our website:

We are registered with the SA state dogs and cats online(DACO) registra as a registered breeder.

DACO: 137935

We are also registered with the Responsible pet breeders Australia (RPBA):

RPBA number:10427

We are also registered with the Veterinary certified ethical pet breeder platform RightPaw :

We are also affiliate members of Animal Therapies ltd.

The puppies will go to their new homes having received their first vaccination (C5) and micro chipped. The puppies are wormed at 2,4 and 6 weeks old. At 8 weeks of age they receive a complete flea ,tick and worming treatment that covers them for 1 month (you also receive a second monthly treatment in the puppy pack). These treatments are conducted at the Mount barker Veterinary clinic at 204 Flaxley rd mount barker. Prior to their departure for their new homes at 8 weeks of age (19/4/22) our puppies receive a second veterinary check up to ensure that all pups are in good health, puppies who travel interstate by Aeropets will also receive their fast acting kennel cough vaccine at this time to prevent infection during transport.

Whilst our puppies make wonderful family companions and pets we have actively designed our raising program around those used by many assistance dog companies, and we make special efforts to acclimatize our puppies to being around individuals with a wide variety of disabilities both physical and mental during their time with us. If you are looking to train your own assistance dog we have provided our puppies with the best start at the process. Our puppies are also suitable for people who simply want a well adjusted puppy who isn’t going to chew their computer cords or bark continuously whenever there is a thunderstorm or the mailman comes round.

Our puppies come Toilet trained (outside/grass, using flap doors, pee stations and litter boxes) and crate trained as well as having the first fundamentals of basic obedience training started (mat training, lead training, sit, stay, wait). They come pre accustomed to a large variety of stimuli that most other dogs find scary both auditory (fireworks, thunder, vacuum cleaners, gunshots, babies screaming), Textually (carpet, floorboards, tiles, concrete, gravel, metal grates, uneven surfaces) as well as being pre-exposed to a wide variety of humans and animals in a variety of circumstances (canes, wheelchairs, skateboards, strollers, bikes, riding horses, motorbikes) so our puppies learn to interact politely and safely with whoever or whatever they meet.

Currently our puppies are 3 weeks old (1st worming last week) with all eyes and ears open, so we are now booking in visits and video calls from prospective owners.

We pride ourselves on raising healthy well adjusted puppies who grow into highly intelligent and observant (not Reactive) dogs.

We are also listed on the veterinary created ethical breeders platform RightPaw:

We are also members of Animal therapies ltd.

Registered breeder :Bronwyn Ward of Mount Barker SA 5251. 0444569663




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