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Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies
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Sweet Natured Traditional Pure Bred Border Collies

These gorgeous babies have grown up surrounded by love from our 4 children and are extremely affectionate and playful. Purebred with classic Border Collie markings, they will be ready for their new families from Nov 15.


Responsible Pet Breeder Number 13356

Pet NSW Breeder ID no. B001083757


Girl 1 - SOLD

Girl 2 - PENDING


Boy 2 - Available

Boy 3 - Available

Boy 4 - SOLD

Boy 5 - Available


Pups have been wormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks, and have now learnt to pee and poo on the grass. Vaccination/Microchip next week.


They love to be with their families - especially at the beach! Border Collies learn very quickly. A really fun family dog.


Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Pup


Has the puppy been immunised and regularly wormed? YES


Can we have the vaccination certificate? YES


Will you be giving me with the puppy a copy of his current diet and a suggested feeding program? YES


If we have any problems do you mind if we call for some advice? 0423478112


Is the pup registered with Dogs NSW? YES


Has the pup been microchipped? YES


Where is the puppy used to sleeping and what training has he had? In a playpen in our garage with siblings with all-day access to a good patch of grassy backyard. Pre-puppies, mum slept inside with the family with access to the backyard.


What is the temperament of the pup’s parents? Mum (Koda) and Dad (Zac) are both very affectionate and fairly docile as far as border collies go, but love a good run


What are the exercise requirements of a Border Collie? They enjoy at least one 30 min walk a day, preferably two - though 20 mins of throwing the ball or frisbee is a great alternative if unable to walk.


To organise a visit or for more information, please call or text Ali on 0423478112





Selecting a Puppy and General Information

The most important decision to make is whether to select a male or a female Border Collie. This is entirely your choice, however you will need to consider some of the following points first:-


Males are stronger, larger and can be more dominant than females.

Females can be more independent.

Males shed coat usually once a year.

Females shed coat with a season (heat), normally twice a year.

Females come into season about every six months and a season lasts approximately 3 weeks, unless desexed.

A puppy with good temperament should readily come to you. Check the temperament of both parents if possible, but remember the dam can be sometimes protective and the sire may not live with the puppy's breeder. Ensure the puppy has been vaccinated, wormed and has commenced heartworm treatment. Generally, Border Collies are easily trained. Some character variances can be attributed to different breed lines.


Markings and colour should be the last thing to be considered for a pet, even though we all have our preferences. Even for show, markings should not be put above sound construction and temperament. Some breeders and judges like classical markings but this is not required in the Breed Standard. The standard only requires white not to predominate. Ideally, white body patches are undesirable.


Socialising the puppies with people and other dogs is important and most breeders ensure this takes place. Socialising should be followed up by the new owner having visitors handle the puppy in your home. Do not take the puppy out on the streets unless it has had its 12 weeks vaccination and at least a week after this. Household obedience training for the puppy from 3 months of age is recommended.


The Border Collie is an active and intelligent dog, it needs to be included in family activities on a regular basis to prevent boredom and for socialisation.

Dogs have access to: N/A

Dogs have enrichment provisions: N/A

Dogs are exposed to: N/A

Offers lifetime rehoming: N/A

Ali Heise

Ali Heise

Berkeley Vale NSW 2261, Australia
**** *** 8112

Safety Tips For New Owners

  1. Always meet in person
  2. Check all documents before you commit
  3. Ask if they are a registered breeder
  4. Be loyal & patient with your new companion

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