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13 Review(s)
Name : Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA Reviews)
State : Western Australia
Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA Reviews) Breeder Review

Definitely recommend purchasing through a RPBA breeder

A anonymous    Apr 11, 2022
My experience has been incredible so far and I feel confident knowing that my pup came from well educated, professional and registered breeders. I feel well equipped with the information I've been given and couldn't be happier with my decision.
New South Wales Pets Animal

Quality Service and Relevant Questions

A anonymous    Apr 06, 2022
Registering as a breeder, answering the many relevant questions and sending photo's that show how and why I wanted to belong to this association was excellent. E-mails were answered in a timely manner, friendly and helpful. Happy I made the decision to become a member of RPBA.
New South Wales Pets Animal

Quality services , perfect for my needs.

A anonymous    Apr 04, 2022
Application was easy to understand. Asked all the relevant questions for responsible pet breeding. Ensured I met the needs of my pet. Quick responses to my emails. Polite, Friendly and helpful. I am very happy at making the decision to become a member of the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia.
Victoria Pets Animal

Animal focussed

A anonymous    Mar 21, 2022
A site that checks what breeders conditions are and that puppies will be well cared for. I thought their expectation's were easy to understand An excellent service for responsible breeders.
Queensland Pets Animal

Great organisation and excellent member services

A anonymous    Feb 22, 2022
Absolutely wonderful organisation with great ethics and standards.
Very helpful with all of my needs.
Alot of information provided and great support offered
Victoria Pets Animal

Quick and helpful service

A anonymous    Feb 17, 2022
They were very helpful with getting my breeders license with them and responded to my emails quickly and were very helpful.
Queensland Pets Animal

Good organisation

A anonymous    Feb 14, 2022
Were helpful with my attempts at filling out the mem form. Once my form was properly submitted, I got my probationary membership within 20mins.
New South Wales Pets Animal

Introduction to being a member

A anonymous    Feb 09, 2022
The introduction process has been informative and simple to follow with prompt follow up. I am very excited to be part of an ethically governed organisation.
New South Wales Pets Animal

Excellent service, fast response, highly recommend

A anonymous    Jan 26, 2022
RPBA are amazing to communicate with in either becoming a breeder or checking a breeder number. They respond fast to emails and are excellent service in every way. Highly recommended.
Thank you
New South Wales Pets Animal

This is the standard that is required.

A anonymous    Jan 23, 2022
I have been a breeder for years and I am so excited to be part of an association that focuses on the health and love of all animals first.
New South Wales Pets Animal

Great help dodging a scammer

A anonymous    Dec 26, 2021
Was able to use the "Verify Breeder" search to check if a dog breeder I was purchasing off was a real breeder. Turns out the person was a scammer and claimed to be a registered breeder when they weren't. The staff got back to me very quickly and I was able to save myself a lot of heartache and lost money. Have now found an actual breeder who I verified on the website and via email and cannot wait to pick up my new little girl
New South Wales Pets Animal

Very Happy

A anonymous    Dec 22, 2021
I recently purchased the most adorable, smart, healthy, playful and content puppy of lovely breeders, the quality and professionalism I have experienced going with a breeder of the RPBA group is remarkable, blissful and such a joy I also felt more comfortable proceeding knowing my little pup has had the best start to life coming from proper registered and educated breeders, the aftercare and support is comforting and the knowledge, advise, support and care shared was so helpful for puppys transition to his new home, the nurturing Love they display to their puppys is evident in our puppy who is so social, happy, affectionate and loving. I feel blessed to have found such caring and helpful breeders. I would highly recommend to all.
Breed: Cavoodle
New South Wales Pets Animal

RPBA Reviews

A anonymous    Nov 09, 2021
If you want to be saved from scammers and bad breeders better be search for breeders who are with RPBA. Just ask their membership number and verifiy it on their website. It is a guaranteed that the pup that you will purchase is in excellent condition and ethically bred.
Breed: Cavoodles
New South Wales Pets Animal
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