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PetsForHomes FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Register An Account 

How do I register/sign up for an account?

1. Click ‘Register’ at the top right hand corner of the PetsForHomes homepage.

2. Enter your contact number.

3. Enter your email address (make sure that it’s spelt correctly).

4. Set a secure password that you will remember.

5. Read the PetsForHomes Terms & Conditions.

6. Click ‘Register’ and you will be sent a verification email with a link to verify your account.

How can I verify my account?

To verify your account, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. If you can’t see it in your inbox after 5 minutes, check your junk mail folder.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

To reset your password, click ‘Login’ at the top right hand corner of the PetsForHomes homepage, and enter your email address that is linked to your account. 

Select ‘Forgot Password”, and wait for a password reset email to be sent through to your email.

Posting an Ad

How do I post an ad?

Click ‘Post An Ad’ on the top right hand corner of the PetsForHomes homepage and you will be prompted to create an account. It’s completely free to post an ad. However, if you want your ad to receive more views, we offer an option to purchase an upgraded feature for your ad.

How can I delete my ad?

1. Click on the person icon at the top right hand corner.


2. Click ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu. 

3. Click ‘My Ads’.

4. Click the red ‘X’ on the ad that you want to delete.

How can I become a registered breeder?

There are a number of registered breeder clubs. Be sure to join an established and reputable breeder club, such as; Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) for cross-breeds and all types of dogs and cats, or Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) for purebred dogs. The RPBA does not accept breeders with more than 10 breeding bitches.

Will my phone number, email, and location be visible on my ad?

Phone number can only be viewed after clicking on the ‘click to view number’ button. This means that your number will not show up on search engine browsers, and will only be seen by potential PetsForHomes buyers. 


Email will not be displayed unless you have included it in your description. If a customer clicks on ‘send message’ a notification will automatically be sent through to your email address via PetsForHomes. 


The location that you list will be shown on your ad to let buyers search ads by location. They will not be able to see your exact location.

What are the benefits of paid featured ads?

Purchasing a featured upgrade for your ad can increase the visibility, views, and responses to for your ad.

What are the differences between types of paid features?

Bump Up

This is an affordable way to have your ad be seen by more people and get more responses. When you “Bump Up” your ad, it will move to the top of the category page list just below any “Top Ad” until newer ads within the same category are posted. This will also reset the “date posted” of the ad, to the date you purchased this feature.


Top Ad

A “Top Ad” is positioned at the top of it’s category page for seven days. A “Top Ad” will appear at the top of its category list, meaning that more people are likely to view and respond to your ad because of it’s highly visible position.

How can I upgrade my ad with a paid feature?

If you are listing a new ad: 

1. Follow the prompts to post an ad.

2. Click ‘Upgrade Your Listing

3. Pick an upgrade the upgrade that best suits your desired level of visibility. (link ‘What are the differences between types of paid features?’ FAQ)


If you want to upgrade an already existing ad:

1. Click on the person icon at the top right hand corner.

2. Click ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu. 

3. Click ‘Packages’, and select the upgrade that best suits your desired level of visibility. (link ‘What are the differences between types of paid features?’ FAQ)

4. Go back to profile, and click on ‘My Ads’

5. Go to the ad that you want to upgrade, and click on the relevant upgrade (‘mark featured’ or ‘bump up’)

Guide to Selling/Rehoming

Add an Informative Description

Be descriptive about the type/breed of animal.

The more useful information that you include, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Add Good Quality Images

When you upload good quality images in terms of both good photography and high image resolution, buyers are more likely to contact you. 

Be Honest and Transparent

Answer all buyer’s questions and queries with honesty and accuracy. 

Be Responsive

Make it easy for buyers. If you respond to buyers promptly, they are more likely to view the animals, making it more likely for you to make a sale.

Tell People About Your Ad on PetsForHomes

If more people use PetsForHomes, you are more likely you are to get views, responses, and be successful with your ad! Share your ad via social media to get more visibility.


How do I reply to an ad?

When you open the ad, you will see a blue button that reads ‘send message’, that will send a message directly to the buyer’s email address. You can also ‘click to view phone number’ which will reveal the seller’s phone number to contact the seller via text message or calling.

How can I arrange payment?

Payments must be made upon face-to-face pickup. Deposits are not to be taken. Only give someone payment once you have met them face-to-face. Read the ‘Guide to Buying/Adopting’ before making any final decisions.

What paperwork/documents should the buyer have?

Depending on the type of pet, buyers should provide you with:


Change of ownership forms

Any history if applicable

Breed papers if applicable

Vaccination and vet health check certificates 

DNA testing papers if applicable


It is your responsibility to make sure that you have seen and are satisfied with all applicable paperwork before making a final decision.

What should I do if I suspect that someone is scamming buyers?

If you suspect that someone with a listing is being dishonest, please email us at


Find information here on what to do if you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud.


You can also leave a breeder review here.

Guide to Buying/Adopting 

Ask Questions

Ask the seller all relevant questions. This may include questions such as;


Does the animal have its microchipping done?

Are you a registered breeder?

Is the animal 100% healthy?

How old is the animal?

How can I take care of this animal?

Are all vaccinations and health checks up to date?

Be Safe

Always meet up in a safe place in public. Bring someone to accompany you. 

Meet Up With The Seller

Before making a final decision, make sure that you have met the buyer and animal, that you are satisfied with the health and paperwork/documents, and that you are 100% ready to commit to your new pet. Be respectful of other people’s time, and only meet up with them if you are serious about bringing a new pet home.