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Small Dogs For Sale

Small Dogs For Sale

If you’ve searched for dogs for sale on the internet, you’ll notice that there are a lot of small dogs for sale. Small dog breeds are a consistent favourite in Australia, and not just amongst those who live in smaller homes and apartments city . These dogs are just as full of love and affection as big dogs, and at a more manageable size. There are many responsible Australian dog breeders who specialise in small dogs. We at PetsForHomes love dogs of all sizes, but we think it’s good to recognise the positives of owning a small breed dog. 

Benefits of a Smaller Dog

1. They’re easy to groom 

The logic here is pretty simple: there’s less dog to cover. It’s simple enough to bathe and brush a 7kg Maltese Shih Tzu, and you’ll probably be done in around half an hour. Bigger dogs need more time in the bath and more time being brushed out. 

small white and brown Shih Tzu puppy mouthing a human's finger

There’s also the side benefit of smaller dogs being more hypoallergenic compared to big dogs. Small dogs simply produce less of the allergens that cause people to have an allergic reaction. Add to that the option of getting a breed with a double coat that traps hair and dander, and there’s a good chance that people with dog allergies won’t have any kind of reaction.  

2. They’re cheaper to feed

Small dogs will naturally eat less than big dogs. While bigger breeds can eat anywhere from 500g to 1kg of food in a day, smaller breeds usually top out at around 150 to 250g of adult food in a day. The result is that you’re able to feed your dog more times with a single bag of dog food. 

The only caveat is that most small dogs need more frequent feeding, since their stomachs are also smaller. This helps prevent indigestion and bloating by allowing the dog to eat only enough food that their digestive system can handle. It’s especially important to do this with dogs that are prone to overeating. It’s not too hard to do, since adult dogs end up needing only 2 to 3 meals in a day. 

3. Their accessories are more affordable

Leashes, collars, harnesses, bowls, beds and so on – you have to buy all these things for your dog. The costs add up over time, and over the lifetime of a dog you can spend a significant amount. The smaller sized versions of all these things are significantly cheaper than bigger sizes. It’s easier to have spares or alternatives for your small dog.

Smaller dogs are also less prone to break their accessories and toys. They weigh less and don’t play as hard as big dogs, so most of their things tend to last a long time. Heavy-duty toys are also priced higher than standard toys, because of the amount of material and the durability needed to withstand a bigger dog’s increased power and weight.

4. Their medical care is cheaper

Of course no dog owner wants to have to bring their dog to the vet. Most pet owners are vigilant about watching out for their dog’s health. However, it’s almost unavoidable that at some point, your dog is going to need medication or emergency care. Small dogs are generally cheaper to treat than big dogs, because the doses for medication are smaller. This is compounded for dogs that require maintenance medications, typically older dogs that may develop overuse injuries or organ issues. 

Small dogs also tend to have longer lifespans than big breeds. This is mainly because large dogs age faster than smaller breeds – a result of the tradeoff between increased body mass and longevity. This increased size can cause more stress on the body’s systems and result in them weakening more quickly. 

If you aren’t yet convinced that a small dog is right for you, just have a look at the many small dogs for sale and their adorable little faces. We think you’ll fall in love, just like many other Australian dog owners. Just make sure that you’re buying from a responsible dog breeder so that you’ll have peace of mind that the dog you get will be healthy and responsibly bred. 

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