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Most Common Husky Mixes in Australia

Most Common Husky Mixes in Australia

Top 7 Husky Mixes


1. Pomsky 5. Husky Cross Staffy
2. German Shepherd Cross Husky 6. Labrador Husky
3. Golden Retriever Cross Husky 7. Border Collie Cross Husky
4. Corgi Husky Mix

Data source: Google Australia KW Planner

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Many Aussies are drawn to the Siberian Husky due to its beauty and personality. Born as a pack dog, it is affectionate, good-natured, and outgoing. It does well with children and is friendly with other canines.

First developed as a working sled dog, this purebred is athletic, incredibly strong, and full of stamina. It is also independent, so it does not need constant attention.

Given this canine’s amazing qualities, many designer breeders have been mixing it with other purebreds over the last two decades in hopes of developing a nearly perfect hybrid. Today, Husky mixes are very popular and desired by a lot of individuals and households.

According to Google Australia KW Planner, the average monthly search for Husky mixes was 260 from November 2020 to October 2021. If you are considering adopting a crossbreed but still uncertain about which one to choose, learn about the different sought-after hybrids below:

Most Popular Husky Mixes in Australia

Border Collie Cross Husky

Last on the list is the Border Collie Cross Husky which combines the best qualities of both its purebred parents. In general, this hybrid is intelligent and energetic. It gets along nicely with humans and other household pets, and performs its tasks well when properly trained.

white huskyLabrador Husky

Also called the Siberian Retriever and Huskador, the Labrador Husky Mix is intelligent, loyal, and full of energy. With a loving nature, it makes a wonderful pet for families.

Husky Cross Staffy

A rare but popular crossbreed, this dog is known to have a high level of energy. It is very strong and agile, making it perfect for active owners. When properly trained, it is affectionate and sociable.

Corgi Husky Mix

This mixed breed is sweet, friendly, and loyal, so expect it to want to do everything to make its human happy. While it is not a shy dog, it is not aggressive either.

Golden Retriever Cross Husky 

Also known as the Goberian, this mixed breed is friendly, intelligent, and full of energy. Because of its wonderful temperament, it makes an excellent companion dog and a great family pet.

German Shepherd Cross Huskyblack and white husky

Generally, this mixed breed is gentle, loyal, and friendly. It is wonderful around kids and other pets when properly socialised at an early age. It is incredibly smart, protective of its family, and a great choice for adventurous individuals.


Topping the list of the most-searched Husky mixes is the Pomsky, which is a hybrid of the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. This dog is widely known for being smart, loyal, friendly, and playful. It is adaptable and does not need a lot of space to be happy.

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