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Most Common Maltese Mixes In Australia

Most Common Maltese Mixes In Australia

Top 7 Maltese Mixes


1. Maltese x Shih Tzu 5. Jack Russell x Maltese
2. Poodle with Maltese 6. Maltese Cross Cavalier
3. Maltese x Chihuahua 7. Maltichon
4. Maltese x Pomeranian

Data source: Google Australia KW Planner

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With an exceptional temperament and overall good health, the Maltese has always been one of the most popular purebreds to mix with other dogs. So if you are considering adopting a Maltese Shih Tzu, Maltipom, or any other Maltese cross, prepare yourself for an exciting experience.

Over the years, the Maltese has produced many loveable mixes. This is why many Aussies are continuously looking for hybrids to bring home. According to Google Australia KW Planner, the average monthly search for Maltese mixes was 140 from December 2020 to November 2021.

Most Popular Maltese Mixes in Australia

white maltese Maltichon

Also known as the Maltese Frise, this designer dog breed is the offspring of the Maltese and Bichon Frise. The result of the combination is a friendly, intelligent, and affectionate dog that gets along well with young and old alike.

Maltese Cross Cavalier 

This crossbreed is also called the Cav-A-Malt and Maltalier. It is known for being friendly, playful, and easy-going, making it a wonderful choice for new dog owners.

Jack Russell x Maltese

The Jacktese, as it is commonly called, is a small-sized dog that is gentle but full of energy. A playful hybrid, it loves human companionship and attention.

Maltese x Pomeranian

This breed goes by a few different names, including Maltipom, Pomamees, or Pomanese. It is naturally gentle and affectionate, making it a great pet for households with children. It is also very smart, so expect it to alert you with some barking when it sees a stranger approaching your home.

Maltese x Chihuahua

The combination of these two purebreds is what is better known as the Malchi. This hybrid is playful and loves to cuddle with its human. While small and gentle, it can show some aggressiveness when it feels the need to protect its family. 

Poodle with Maltesewhite maltese

Another popular Maltese mix is the Maltipoo, which is known for being active and fun-loving. It makes a perfect companion dog for those who suffer from mental distress because of its craving for affection and attention.

Maltese x Shih Tzu

Topping the list is the Maltese Shih Tzu, which is also known as the Mal-Shi. This hybrid is intelligent, sweet, and sociable, making it an exceptional family pet. It is allergy-friendly and makes a wonderful therapy dog.

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