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Dogs Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tan + White Staffy x ACD for Re-homing

Price : $100.00
Type : For Sale
Date : June 12, 2022
Location : Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

Baxter is a much loved dog in need of a new home. He was adopted from the pound when he was 1 years old and will turn 7 in December. He’s a Staffy cross with a ACD, with brown fur, beautiful white markings on his legs, ‘black eyeliner’ on his eyes and dumbo ears. He’s very tall & slender for a Staffy and I’m often told how good he looks. He is very excited to meet people at first, but will lounge around for most of the day. He doesn’t care for toys much but will do anything for food, walks and pats/ affection/ attention. An active dog even as a 7 year old, he needs to be walked at least once a day. He has had some training and understands sit, wait, leave it and go to bed. He eats pretty much anything but has a diet of dog biscuits and wet food atm. He loves dental stick treats, and bones. He is toilet trained and will not go in the house if he can avoid it- he will quietly and persistently get in your face until you open the door for him. He can be an inside or outside dog- currently spends most of his time outside but sleeps in his ‘suitcase’ inside. He’s a bit OCD and loves routine. He doesn’t bark much at all, but will do if he can see someone walk past the house particularly if there is a dog. He doesn’t typically bite and would be fine with kids, but has a tendency to jump up and not knowing his own strength, could inadvertently knock a toddler over. He is best as an only child because he wants all your attention and doesn’t like sharing. He doesn’t get alone well with cats or chickens. He’s not one for running away, preferring to be wherever his owner is, but left to entertain himself he could be persuaded to take himself for a nice stroll and get into mischief- so best suited to someone with an enclosed back yard. The fence needs to be a decent height, because with enough determination he could nearly clear 2 metres.



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