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Cats Sphynx

2x Sibling Sphynx

Price : $1,500.00
Type : For Sale
Date : November 20, 2021
Microchip number/bin/source number : 953010005646694
Location : Officer VIC, Australia

They are both very loving and affectionate, get along with dogs and rabbits and possibly other pets too, they have been socialised from kittenhood with my mum and friends animals so they are quite accepting.

Both are exclusively indoor cats, but do spend spring/summer playing with butterflies & leaves in out back yard under supervision. They require weekly grooming which entails washing, nail cutting and ear cleaning. If you don’t know SPHYNX cats you will be pleasantly surprised. They love to play, Lola especially loves playing fetch and destroys Christmas trees 🤦🏽‍♀️ , they are loving, if there is a lap to sit on they will sit on it whether you like it or not.

These two are on a Royal Canine and twice weekly a chicken meal. They drink a lot of water and need to be kept especially warm in winter.

They have always been together and seperation gives them anxiety they share everything.

If you have a loving home for them, have lots of time to spend playing and petting and would like some company that wont leave you alone, they are for you. I am not trying to sell them for a profit, but history shows people who pay for pets are more likely to look after them.

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